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The  Leaders  Accelerating Development program of Deshpande   Foundation,   Hubballi, and   Karnataka fosters innovative and entrepreneurial thinking within college students by exposing them to social issues.  LEAD is an incubator where innovation meets implementation, knowledge meets experience, social issues meet solutions and efforts meet impact. Talaash aims to ignite the technical spark in students.

Talaash encourages students to come up with their own idea, create & present a working model of their idea, understand and work on its business viability & finally prove yourself as a budding Technopreneur. Talaash gives a platform to the participants aged between 18 to 26 years to showcase their idea and project model, get the needed mentoring, participate in Business Model Canvas workshop (BMC workshop) and after crossing the competitive rounds be the one to get the needed seed amount and incubation support, and become a young Technopreneur of generation in the long run!


LEAD Talaash kicked off for the year 2018 with the inaugural of the event. The innovative minds were motivated on hearing the guests. The guests addressed the participants about the importance of innovation and need for the development of technical temper in budding engineers. The guests who enriched the essence of the dais were as follows:
1. Dr. Dholappa, Veterinary college, Shivmogga
2. Mr. Anannd Mannikeri
3. Mr.  C. M. Patil, CEO Sandbox Startups
4. Dr. R. R. Burbure, Dean Academics KLEIT
5. Mr. Abhinandan Kavale, Program Manager, LEAD
The Founder of LEAD Talaash, Mr. Manjunath Gogi spoke to the young technopreneurs and expressed his excitement on seeing the zeal to achieve and contribute to the society. He narrated the history and success of Talaash. Followed by this the Mr. Harish Gadagin, Ambassador LEAD Talaash who explained the 3 days flow of LEAD Talaash event.
Business Model Canvas workshop and Design Thinking Workshop:
“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” – Einstein
A technopreneur should possess the ability to come up with creative strategies while they design and implement. Design thinking utilizes elements from the designer’s toolkit like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions. To enhance these qualities the Program associates of LEAD, Mr. Vikram Patil, and Mr. Abhinandan Kavale engaged the Design Thinking workshop for the participants. With the help of the bag prototype, they explained the thought flow and things that an entrepreneur must focus on. The participants realized the need to know the requirements of customers, develop a prototype and check if the prototype matches the needs. Mr. ShivKumar Lohar of Kudchi stated that “Talaash is the best platform for new innovators as well as new building entrepreneurs”. Mr. Shashidhar MG conducted BMC workshop with relevant examples which was helpful participants to make their own BMC mode
bmc 2
3 bmc

DAY 2:

Showcasing the innovative project work of participants from all levels of the industry. A platform to share their innovative projects with industry experts nationwide. The participants enthusiastically started to set up their models and began to prepare their presentation. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Radhakrishna, General Manager, AEQUS aerospace. 
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The guest of honors who judged the event are as follows:
1. Mr. Radhakrishna, General manager, AEQUS aerospace.
2. Mr. Amruth
3. Dr. Dholappa, Veterinary college, Shivmogga
4. Mr. Amol Joshi
6. Mr. Vijay M, Founder Campus Connect.
7. Mr. Gururaj Gajendragadh, Team Aequs.
The panel was accompanied by Mr. Abhinandan Kavale and Mr. Manjunath Gogi. LEADers pitched their ideas and showcased their model representing the basic idea.
Guest talk:
22Mr. Radhakrishnan V, General Manager Aequs, spoke about his stories to the budding entrepreneurs of LEAD Talaash 18. He spoke about the things one need to focus on being Entrepreneur like building bonds and being passionate about the project. He also shared what are the criteria which should be taken care of before taking up any ideas. Later he spoke about the company he’s working for, Aequs® SEZ, Ecosystem of Efficiency!
A panel discussed  ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ with the participants. This session was moderated by Mr. Abhinandan Kavale. They discussed diverse factors. Also, the participants came up with intricate queries. This marked the amount of efforts they put up on research as well as on developing their ideas. Every question regarding being a potential entrepreneur was discussed. The panel definitely was of great use to the participants in finding answers for their tangled queries.
Talaash success stories:
Talaash has been like a kindergarten to many innovators and entrepreneurs. The LEADers amazingly excelled after their success in Talaash. Many participate, few get shortlisted but one or two bag awards. It always inspiring to hear to these LEADers who started from scratch and ended being motivating entrepreneurs. Two prominent LEADers shared their stories on this dais. Miss Vaishnavi  Hatrote, a budding woman entrepreneur who introduced innovative scarfs. She spoke about her innovation which was awarded under LEAD Talaash, Airmos (mosquito repellent & room freshener) which she is working on along with her partner Parinita Dambal. She elaborated the “Do’s and Dont’s” to be an Entrepreneur and also about her source of motivation and her goals as she expands her enterprise. The piece of motivation and advise was going to help the participants in the future as they were new to the market of entrepreneurship. The struggles and challenges she faced were not easy to tackle but with sheer confidence and will power she excelled.
str2Mr. Niranjan Karagi (Hemmeya Kannadiga), an innovator and a motivated entrepreneur. Niranjan has been doing many projects for the welfare of the society. During his talk, he elaborated about an innovation which has revolutionized the of accessing of pure water. He invented a water purifier which would cost less than Rs 20 but had the capacity to completely purify the contaminated water. The auditorium was stunned on seeing the demonstration. Niranjan says he started this project when he had seen school going kids drink impure water. What started as a concern is now a milestone.
The day ended with a visit to India’s Biggest Start-up Incubation Centre at Hubbali where the participants got an opportunity to have an overview of the splendid campus. Mr.Amruth headed the crowd to the elaboration of this centre.

DAY 3-

With the joy and happiness of having visited India’s Largest Incubation Centre, the participants were all set to experience the final episode of LEAD Talaash 2018 at KLEIT Hubballi. The day had scheduled the finale that is pitching of the top 20 selected ideas to the guest panel from which the best will be funded and titled as the winners. LEAD assures support to all these fantastic ideas throughout no matter which one gets titled and which does not.








The guest panel judging this event was a well-experienced set of people who own their own success. The guests were Mr. Radhakrishna.V (General Manager, AEQUS), Mr. Rohan Kulkarni (Founder of Freshboxx), Mr. Divyesh Shah (Founder of LinkEZ Technologies), Mr. Kshemal Desai, Mr. Gururaj Gajendragadh (Team AEQUS) and Mr. Abhinandan K (LEAD Team). A long run of the questionnaires and elaboration of ideas, the whole session was interactive and a big hit.

The winners for LEAD Talaash 2018 were GrapeyarWeed Remover, Blackma, Ragi Mudde Maker, Iron Bindiya & Solar Food Dryer.

The winners will be funded with for working on the pitched idea/ model. This year the success of LEAD Talaash 2018 was a great success with amazing ideas to judge and work on.





Written by- Ritika Ganiger


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