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LEAD directed me to grow as a LEADer


“Life is full of unexpected moments. You never know which moment turns your life upside down and that is what happened with me after joining LEAD”, says Amarjeet Singh!


The Beginning of the journey

Amarjeet Singh was just another person from Uttar Pradesh who was willing to do something remarkable in his life. He never thought his remarkable journey would kick start due to social work. While completing his honours in English at Banaras Hindu University he came across with a session by Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla. As he had never thought about putting a step ahead for the development of society the session did not affect him much. Due to the curiosity and eagerness, he was taking training at IIT BHU where he happened to meet Mr. Shukla with another session. But this time the topic of the session was LEADership. The concept of LEADership pulled him towards LEAD and that was the moment which changed his life completely!


First Initiative

Amarjeet started his journey of LEAD with the plantation drive along with a team of LEADers. He continued implementing projects such as pasting radium stickers on road to avoid accidents, a celebration of women’s day and by making greeting cards for the soldiers. Even after joining LEAD he had a very little interest in social work but wanted to provide something impactful for the people who seek for it. Empathizing is one of the most required characters of a LEADer and that character made Amarjeet a unique LEADer. He always wanted to provide support and platform for the needy students and LEAD gave him that opportunity.

His biggest challenges at the beginning of his LEADership journey were lack of exposure causing inadequate confidence. As he was an anti-social person he had to struggle hard to overcome these challenges. Through LEAD he had a chance to throw objections out of his life. As the first step towards this journey, he engaged himself to celebrate International Women’s Day by distributing cards and wishing them. He started guiding students by which he inspired many people to join LEAD.


LEAD Prayana 2017

Amarjeet’s journey as a LEADer had begun but he needed more exposure. LEAD Prayana was the one-stop solution for it. After joining LEAD Prayana 2017 the anti-social factor was erased completely from his life. “Prayana changes everyone’s life, it did mine too! But for me, the best part of the Prayana was the day I agreed to join Prayana. It was the day I finally decided to have real exposure by stepping out my comfort zone”, says Amarjeet! He joined LEAD Prayana 2017 for Route – 1 i.e. Karnataka journey! Everything was new for him in those 15 days! Despite all the unknown people, food and place, he succeeded to find the strength to stay! That strength was the first weapon which allowed him to come out of his comfort zone.


After Prayana Journey

After returning from LEAD Prayana 2017 he started conducting workshops for the students from various colleges of Varanasi. He started mentoring and guiding them for their LEAD journey. He has mentored more than a thousand students throughout his LEAD journey. In between this LEADership journey, he started Social Media for LEAD Ek Soch Sandbox. This was one more opportunity for Amarjeet to exposure his skills and improve himself in another field. He learnt all the techniques of social media. He made a team and led it further by improving the team. Being a team leader for the social media team made him more responsible for his work. “Joining the social media team was an opportunity where I learnt that I have the potential for succeeding in out of box fields. I realised that I can achieve all my dreams and be successful in my life”.

Along with leading the social media team Amarjeet continued to motivate the students and kept on inspiring them by sharing his LEAD journey.

Promotion in LEAD

“I learnt to manage multiple tasks and still led a beautiful and stress-free life,” said, Amarjeet Singh while explaining his journey. Amarjeet kept on gaining knowledge and experience in LEAD because of his abilities. He managed his college, studies, social media and the responsibilities as an intern successfully. After completing his bachelors he started working as a trainee for the LEAD program.

Organising LEAD Prayana

This phase of his LEAD journey taught him to be calm and made him an all-rounder. The antisocial and shy personality of Amarjeet had vanished as if it was never existed and turned into an active and inspiring LEADer. LEAD Prayana 2018 was a time where he got another opportunity to test his abilities in reality when Ek Soch Sandbox had organised LEAD Prayana as route – 2. Being a facilitator of Prayana he was part of the organising team where he applied his skills and learnt a few interesting facts of LEADership such as time and stress management.


While sharing his experience of LEAD Prayana 2018 and LEAD Prayana 2019 he says, “Organising Prayana was no joke. Those two Prayanas taught me the real meaning of responsibilities. I got a shot to implement my learnings”. LEAD has not only given him a platform to execute his ideas but also a direction for his life.

LEAD, My Extended Family

“LEAD is an organisation to the society but for me, it is an extended family with whom I have shared the most memorable moments of my life” while explaining this statement Amarjeet said, “We loved to conduct an event because we were enjoying it. That respect towards work and for each other was a secret behind the success”. After completing his honours in English Amarjeet is pursuing a Masters degree in Social Work at ASK University, Satna, Madhya Pradesh. Amarjeet is continuing the good deed of improving lives at Jan Jagriti Sansthan as a Project Coordinator for Periods – Dare to Talk project.

As an organisation, we believe that the future of our country is in the best hands of youth like Amarjeet Singh. We feel extremely proud to guide the students like Amarjeet Singh to become the worthy and valuable assets of our country.

Written By : Nilima Jangam

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