Prayanees got up at 5:30 am and began to do Yoga. As it was the last day stay of Prayanees in Telangana state, they were very excited to travel towards Karnataka. After breakfast, they headed back to Wave labs to interact with Mr. Sanjay Enishetty, Founder of 50K Ventures. He mentioned that all the big tech companies were started by people under 25 with minimum capital. He shared his story of struggles and hard work and the company now has 150+ investors and 3.5 x 3.5 portfolio appreciation. He urged Prayanees “To plan or start something soon and be strong even you get failures”.

“Life is like a wave, you got to ride the ups and downs!”
– Vineel Nalla

Later, They had their lunch at there itself and ready to Interact with Mr. Vineel Nalla (Founder and Chairman of the board at Wavelabs technologies). As he was bored of his engineering background so he took a plunge and started a business. The Prayanees were taken to visit the campus. He advised the Prayanees to “plan and start their career as soon as possible and stay fearless even in the times of hurdles”.

The Prayanees were enthusiastic to visit our favorite online store “Amazon” where one of its branches situated in Hyderabad. Prayanees were provided with some refreshment out there. After, they were taken to visit the campus which was perfectly infrastructed and designed with more creative ideas and models. They gathered at the seminar hall and they interacted with the management team of the company with many great questions and equally great answers. They made the session more interesting by introducing the strategies of the company to our prayanees. After having delicious dinner, they started travelling towards Hubli, Karnataka.

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