At around 4 am, Prayanees have started from Nizamabad to Siddipet and by 8:30 am they were reached to kunayapalli, a village in Siddipet. Prayanees got exposed to the farm ponds constructed by BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), one of the programs of Deshpande Foundation. The farm pond benefits a farmer in storing water, rain water harvesting, drip irrigation. This helps the farmers to apply adequate farm inputs and perform farming operations at the appropriate time, thus increasing their productivity and their confidence in farming.


Prayanees visited Kumara swami’s farm in their village and they had seen how  Farm Ponds had been into the use and how Better Cotton Initiative is helping farmers build ponds that harvest and store ground and rain water. This is a sustainable way of increasing farmer incomes and farmland efficiency.


After having lunch, our prayanees had started to Gatlamalyala, a small village in Siddipet district and reached there by 4 pm. Here, Prayanees were asked to form in groups and conduct survey on farmers about the problems they are facing and also how they were benefited from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).  Later on, the prayanees interacted actively with Mr. Dinesh Reddy and Mr. Ravi ( Co-coordinators of BCI). At the end, the Speakers were presented with the token of love by the LEAD team and food committee of LEAD Prayana 2k19.


After having some snacks, Prayanees moved forward to the third destination i.e., Warangal, the second largest city in the state. Prayanees got good food and accommodation in Balavikasa, a multi-purpose non-profit organisation. At the end of the day, they were participated in reflection session taken by Mr. Madhusudhan (Prayana Coordinator) and each Prayanee kept their thoughts, ideas in front of all the co-prayanees, this is what exploring something from ourselves.



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