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“There’s a voice that calls to some of us
From somewhere deep inside
A voice that will not give us peace,
Until at least we’ve tried
To catch that bright elusive star,
Though foolish it may seem
To those not driven as we are
To hold on to a dream!”

Yes! I am sure the ex- prayanees reading this relates to it and the prayanees 2017 are have made this call because of the same voice within.

15994872_10154965843762863_7441044492936304725_oAnother journey in the chapter of Prayana begins on 16th Jan 2017. It is the 6th Prayana hosted by the Deshpande Foundations for the students from all over Karnataka, Telangana, and Nizamabad. A journey for 15 days, covering 1800 km, 14+ role models and special speakers and a lifetime experience with 150+ participants. These students aged 18-26 are selected from 500+ applications to tour all over Karnataka and meet the achievers you could only dream of. This journey is divided into 2 routes, route-1 and route-2 with fun filled sessions and hands-on learning experience.

ROUTE-1(Hubli, Karnataka)15975145_10154966568892863_5998043887566522879_o

The students descended from various places all over the country to VTU Belgaum.

The university hosted the traditional informal kick-off ceremony with an aesthetic cultural start.The Prayanees were then taken to the Mecca of all the LEAD activities, Deshpande foundation, BVB, Hubli.

16107265_10154966599097863_4997837974639886671_oThe Prayanees had a proper Indian welcome in grandeur on arrival by the whole Deshpande foundation team. Later they were introduced to the fun- filled introduction activities and tapped their feets on the LEAD anthem (jiving).

In the evening a formal ceremony of lighting the lamp to summon the almighty, was accomplished in the presence of Mr. Desh Deshpande (Founder, Deshpande foundations), Mrs. Jaishree Deshpande (Co-founder Deshpande Foundation), Mr. Hari Menon (Bill & Melinda Foundation), Mr. Satish Annigeri (Registrar VTU), and Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla (Functional Head, LEAD and EkSoch Sandbox). The ceremony was like a leading light for the Prayanees for their further journey. The distinguished speakers including Jaishree Mam and Desh Sir addressed the gathering and shared their Pearls of wisdom on how to find what they have come for.


The kickoff also featured experience and expectation sharing from the ex-prayanees and current prayanees. The event ended with a majestic flagging off by our beloved Dignitaries and led the way for the Prayanees for their passage ahead.

ROUTE -2(Nizamabad)

15937006_10154966205617863_5943780928424435666_o On the other hand, the ROUTE-2 the journey of the prayanees from Nizamabad was knowledge induced one. The formal inauguration of the kick-off took place by watering a plant in the presence of the distinguished dignitaries Mr. Ram Reddy(mentor, Kakatiya Sandbox), Veeresh Pani( Program Manager, DET KS) & Mr. Sridhar Neelam (Program Manager Kakatiya Sandbox). The formal function included an interactive session with the speakers on team and personality building activities for the participants. There also an experience sharing session by the ex- prayanees and Mr.Staya Phanidra shared his story about lead, which was continued by Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla’s message for prayanees of Nizamabad.16143634_10154967466287863_6042385700469290073_o

The session continued with their very first role model Ms. Malavath Purna, a mountaineer who climbed The Everest at an early age of 13, following which she has exceptional achievements of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and dreams of Australian highest peak. She enlightened the prayanees about the hurdles 16107387_10154967527577863_5772031592852425298_omet in life and the determination required. Inspired by her achievements a Bollywood movie Poorna is to release on March 31st.The speaker flagged off the journey for the Prayanees.

Day 01 continued with a visit to Gajanan rice mill, Indias only FSSC 22000 certified, non-basmati category. Mr. Ravish Bhimani (Head Marketing) illustrated the prayanees regarding the making of paddy into rice. They also took them another plant where the conversion of normal paper to carbon-less paper takes place, explaining their sustainable approach.

The day ended with an interactive session at Nagarpalli.


The prayanees are on to their dreams with so much of excitements the Lead team wishes them a great journey ahead. Stay tuned, for there’s a lot more to come! It’s time you drive your decisions readers!

Written by- Parinita A L


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