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LEAD Prayana 2020


19TH JANUARY, THE KICK-OFF CEREMONY OF LEAD PRAYANA 2020 was hosted at VTU campus, Belagavi.  Ex-prayanees and other LEADers did different forms of artwork from the waste materials which makes everyone aware of how waste materials of plastics can be used. Selected Prayanees for the LEAD Prayana 2020 journey travelled all across the state and other parts of India and reached VTU campus. The ceremony started with the registration of the Prayanees and then, the organisers distributed the Prayana kits. Prayanees felt so happy and excited about their upcoming days of the journey.



A journey towards the path of their destiny, to unleash their entrepreneurial and leadership potential. It began with 80 Prayanees embarked on this adventure for the next 10 days who will be travelling 1800 km, meeting 10 role models and other prominent personalities. In the evening, Prayanees were welcomed to the inauguration ceremony of LEAD Prayana 2020 with prayer as Indian tradition. The LEAD Prayana 2020 started with lamp lightning and by giving Prayana badges to all the Prayanee’s by the honourable speakers of the session. The first session of LEAD Prayana 2020 started at VTU by Vice-Chancellor of VTU Prof. Karisiddappa who said,” To fly high everything is not important, what’s important is already inside us”. Then, the session was followed by Mr. C. M. Patil, CEO of Deshpande Startups who explained the importance of entrepreneurship to Prayanees. In the session, Prayanees learnt about the importance of ethics and values of life. He shared the five best points to choose a good career. Also, he said that” Be an employer, not an employee, not only you will earn but you will even make others earn”.

Next, the session was conducted by Mr. P. N. Nayak who spoke about the importance of loyalty to oneself and to experience the best from the world. After the session with speakers, LEADer Iranna from Nidashoshi shared his LEAD Prayana journey with the Prayanees and Ms. Nikita Naidu spoke about her experiences in the LEAD Prayana is a prayer as well as an organiser. 

Budding and one of the youngest women entrepreneurs, Ms. Vaishnavi Hatrote told about her startup and her journey throughout LEAD which invoked positivity among the Prayanee’s! Then, Cultural activities were performed by LEADers to entertain the Prayanees. 


Under the beautiful sunrise, after the yoga session, the LEAD Team taught the LEAD Prayanees, the fun of jiving dance. Prayanees quickly learnt the dance moves and felt enthusiastic while dancing to the rhythm of the music.

Early in the morning, how intimidating would it be to visit a place where parts of an aircraft are made? Prayanees visited Aequs, where they learnt about how the parts of aircraft are made. Followed by a session by  LEAD Alumni Mr. Pavan who is now working at Aequs. He shared his experience of the LEAD journey with Prayanees. 

Prayanees were amused to see the work done by Aequs to create the parts of aircraft! After the floor visit, they had a session with the officials of Aequs who shared their inspiring life stories. Miss. Ananditha Avasti asked Prayanees to work on the dreams they are passionate about. She imbibed the way to select our interested and passionate career paths.

Next speaker, Mr. Khandoba Kulkarni shared wonderful stories of his journey of winning medals from the Prime Minister of India at a rally. After that, Mrs. Anjali shared her wonderful story about how she came out of her comfort zone. Then, Prayanees visited Mahesh Foundation and interacted with Mr. Mahesh. “It’s not an about right and wrong decision, it is about how you convert your decision into right one”, says Mr. Mahesh Jadhav, the founder of the Mahesh Foundation, which is an NGO for HIV affected children. This NGO also provides free education for children from slum areas and promotes other socially beneficial activities.

Then, Mr. Manjunath Pujari who was recently recognized by Indian Book of Awards for running an overnight auto ambulance shared his life journey with Prayanees and motivated everyone. “To do good deeds all you need is strength, will power and the results are always on the way”, says Mr. Manjunath. Apart from his day job, today he has dedicated his life for the service of the society. Till today he has saved around 40 people by donating blood on various occasions. 



The first destination was Asia’s largest kitchen, Akshay Patra! Prayanees had a tour of Akshay Patra and they understood the process of how food is prepared for the school children at Asia’s largest kitchen. Mr. Rajesh Patki, PRO, of Akshay Patra guided Prayanees in this visit.

Prayanees had a question and answer session with Shri. Ram Gopal Das, Secretary for ISKCON Hubballi and Dharwad who clarified doubts which Prayanees had in their mind. He also gave an amazing speech about the work to be done as a youth of the country. 

Then, Prayanees had a session with Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO, Deshpande Foundation. He shared his life story and gave inspiring messages to Prayanees. He emphasized the following points-

  • Setbacks make you stronger.
  • You never know what you’re capable of unless you upgrade yourself with new challenges.
  • Don’t do things which give temporary pleasure and don’t do things which do not add value to your future goals.
  • He spoke about the famous G to G level that is, Galli to Glory!
  • He asked to do things differently with uniqueness and also explained the importance of setting goals and ways of doing it.
  • He shared his life story and few tips to overcome hurdles of life.


Then, Prayanees had a field visit to a place called Navalgund where they interacted with agriculture officials from Deshpande Foundation and farmers who are working on organic farming. In this visit, they got to know about the importance of organic farming and the uses of organic farm ponds. Mr. Hari Krishna, a farmer, says that with the help of the Deshpande Foundation, he and his farmers’ family have improved economically and financially. He said he is earning 10 lakh annually by organic farming. Prayanees were amused to see the improvement and work done by farmers through organic farming.

After the field visit at Deshpande Agri, Prayanees had a session with Mr. Praveen, Mr. Yunus Khan, Director for Agriculture, Deshpande Foundation and Mr. Sandeep.

Mr. Yunus Khan shared his story about how he became a successful farmer from a struggling period and hard childhood. Mr. Khan is now handling a team of 250 people which includes scientists as well as IITians. Deshpande Agri has reached 1.2 Lakhs farmers and aims to touch millions of farmers this year.

Then, prayanees visited Deshpande Start-ups. Deshpande Foundation helps micro-entrepreneurs under the program “NAVODYAMI”! They provide training, hand-holding and mentoring to build micro-entrepreneurship.  Over 15000 micro-entrepreneurs are benefited and entrepreneurs are introduced in large scale markets to promote and provide the quality, quantity, and service for expansions of the enterprise.

Later,  prayanees had a session with Mr. Amrut Patil from Deshpande Startups who explained the process of converting an idea into a successful start-up. He told Prayanees about the maker’s lab, Yuva entrepreneurship program and other programs provided by Deshpande Startups. He also explained that a start-up and entrepreneurship might seem very small and simple terms but to have a successful startup or to be a successful entrepreneur one needs to have proper guidance and that guidance is well provided by Deshpande Startups, Hubballi.

Next, prayanees had a session with Mr. Laxman Uppar, founder of The classic tutorials. The self-motivated Mr. Uppar shared his life journey with prayanees and taught that knowledge is the real weapon which helps us to lead our lives in every situation.


22nd JANUARY: 

Theatre is a very old art but the most beautiful and important one! 

On the third beautiful day of Prayana, prayanees had a session with the legend of theatre, Mr. K. G. Krishnamurthy who was born and brought up in a family of traditional Yakshagana performers. He started his career in theatre at a very early age when he performed in a play called, “Panjara Shale” directed by Sri B. V. Karanath at Ninasam Heggodu. In this session, prayanees learnt the most important lessons of life when Mr. Krishnamurthy shared his life story! He also said that for an actor, there is no life as a personal and professional one. And he stated that the drama platform does not only teach us to act but to be happy in real life too. 


Then, prayanees visited Charaka which is a large scale industry which has given employment to over 750 employees.  All the 18 DESI shops in Karnataka are of Charaka and they provide clothes to the other shops all over India. 

After the amazing visit at Charaka, prayanees witnessed an outstanding “Heera Moti” Drama performed by Kinnara Mela team directed by Shri K. G. Krishnamurthy, Founder of Kinnara Mela written in Hindi by famous writer Munshi Premchand. Then, the prayanees had Martial arts lessons at Ninasam. Ninasam is an organization dedicated to the dissemination of theatre and culture founded by Mr. K. V. Subbanna. 

Prayanees interacted with K. V. Akshara, Chairman, Ninasam. He interacted with the students about the theatre and arts followed by a debate about the importance of knowledge than the other media interactions. Curious prayanees asked the procedure about joining Ninasam and the official fests which will be conducted every year.

Prayanees on the fourth day had a great visit to Hongirana, a school of excellence, providing the basic teachings along with technical soft skills. This school is the first CBSE school in the surroundings of Amatekoppa. It is also the first school to win many national level robotics competitions. This school provides technical teaching as well as a hands-on learning experience from 5th std and teaches basic computer languages which are useful to code robotics or all kind of branches. 

The school charges fewer fees but provides high-class quality education. The entire school is provided with free Wi-Fi to make sure that students learn without any restrictions.

23th JANUARY: 

 After having a nutritious and delicious breakfast at Manipal, prayanees had a beautiful wat h around the campus of the Manipal Academy Of Higher Education. They visited the library, theatre, MAP- The anatomy Museum. After the post-lunch, Prayanees visited MARINA!

Marina is Asia’s largest indoor sport of Manipal. Prayanees visited the sports complex and understood the importance of sports. Then, Prayanees had a session with Dr Aparna, Director of Planning and Monitoring of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. She spoke about the history of the institution. She told the difference about other universities and Manipal by saying that now they are converting themselves into a research centre. Speaking on leadership, she said, “You should grow and guide others also to grow. That’s what makes you a true leader.”

Then, Prayanees had an opportunity to explore the ancient structure. Ms. Shanthi explained all the ancient structures, art -crafts to Prayanees. They have preserved these as the significance of old Indian village culture.

Later on, Prayanees visited Malpe Beach and enjoyed the evening which was followed by the Jiving and the awareness program. The view of  Beach and Sunset was so glorious and they can release all the stress in the world at just one glance!



One of the most awaited sessions of Prayana is an interaction with Dr. Veerendra Heggade. 

On the topic of youth, he said that youth are the real future of every country and they should be directed in the right way. The most important way for success is to have opportunities in life and everyone should learn to use them appropriately. 

According to Dr. Veerendra Heggade, the following three things must be considered wisely by everyone:

  • Right Knowledge
  • Understanding 
  • Bring into the action

He also said that books, experience and exposure are the real treasure of knowledge. LEAD is imparting real knowledge in youth by experience, thinking skills and a lot of other things.

After an inspiring session with Dr. Veerendra Heggade, Prayanees went to the car museum having more than 50 cars including the Datson model of 1983 which was gifted by Dr Vishnuvardhan and the Hindustan aircraft model of 1973. All the collection at this museum amused Prayanees but the next place added more enthusiasm when they visited Jamaa Ugrana a place where all the donated grains will be stored. The peaceful visit to the Chandrprabhu temple and the session with Mr. Gopal helped Prayanees to understand the old history of Dharmasthala. 

After such a great visit in just half a day has made Prayanees curious about the coming activities. After the session with Mr. Gopal about the history of Dharmasthala, prayanees had the Prasadam at Dharmasthala. Then, in the session with Shri. Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Program, Prayanees understood the way he has solved the financial problems of villages by creating reliable financial advice and schemes.

Shri. Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Program is a program created by Dr. Veerendra Heggade for the development of rural areas of Dharmasthala. Dr. L. H. Manjunath, Executive Director SKDRDP, had interaction with prayanees along with Mrs. Mamata Rao, Director, HR Development officer of SKDRDP who spoke about financial aspects that everyone should be aware of, Mr. Buddha Gowda, Director CRE training of SKDRDP, and Mr. Chandrashekhar, Principal, CRE training were part of the interaction. 

The evening of the 5th day of Prayana was a beautiful one for the Prayanees. They visited Ratnamanasa, a school for life education. Students of Ratnamanasa gave the field tour and explained various plants and waste management systems of Ratnamanasa. Every year Prayanees visit Dharmasthala and they give awareness about topics which are causing huge trouble to the society such as fake news, usage of plastic etc.


 Prayanees had early morning yoga sessions at Dharmasthala. Mr. George has been a part of the Deshpande Foundation for a year. This year, he is a part of LEAD Prayana too. He interacted with prayanees about LEADership and answered questions of Prayanees. He says, “Most of the time what we look for in terms of motivation, is always around us”.

Fellow Prayanees are always the best inspiration and that is why Mr. Abhinandan Kavale conducted an activity for the Prayanees where he asked everyone to share their stories with each other and to interact with each other. A visit to Dharamshala without exploring the Ratnagiri betta is always incomplete. Prayanees went to have a look at the Maha Bahubali statue which is 39 feet tall at Ratnagiri Betta.

Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute at Ujire, Dharmasthala was started in the year 1980. Mrs. Anusaya, Senior Faculty, RUDSET interacted with Prayanees. After the interaction, Prayanees understood the programs they offer at the institute are related to agriculture, service area, EDP related programs for the duration of 1 month to 6 months. The institute focuses on technical as well as personality development skills of the students who have enrolled with RUDSET. In 17 states, RUDSET is having 27 institutions from were around 3 Lakh students have graduated. 

Prayanee Amrutha is a student of SDM College, Ujire and she welcomed all the Prayanee’s to her college. Along with Ms. Amrutha, Prayanees Swastik, Ayudha expressed their Prayana experience so far. After that, Dr. B Yashovarma, Secretary of SDME Institutions explained the importance of education to youth for the development of the country. He also talked about the importance of reading books and the future of youth employment because of the technological breakthrough of artificial intelligence.

The session was continued by the interaction with Prof. Satishchandra, Principle SDM Ujire, Dr. Samapath Kumar, Head of the department Kannada and registrar, and Prof. Boodappa Gowda, Director and CRE SDKDRDP. Then, Prayanees explored the SDM College Campus and visited the library and studio! Prayanee’s then went to a place where they got to know about the Pragati Bandhu Sangh at Dharmasthala which supports small scale farmers financially with all the aspects, agricultural, educational, etc. Prayanees also got chances to visit the “SIRI” which was founded to provide employment to women to make sure they have their own identities and independence. 

Today, SIRI is having 5000 employees working to create the finest qualities of dress and other textiles which are produced there and are marketed all over India. One of the programs by Dr Veerendra Heggade is the rehabilitation centre. 

Mrs. Chaitra explained the process to Prayanees of how they release the alcohol-addicted people from their addiction and make them normal to lead a better life. For a few decades now, this rehabilitation centre has successfully completed 1461 camps from which over 1.14 lakh people are cured.


26th JANUARY: 

26th January, the most prestigious day for every Indian is celebrated for the inception of the constitution of India. Prayanees got an opportunity to celebrate the 71st Republic Day at Alva’s College, Moodabidri. 

Former IPS Officer, K. Annamalai hoisted the flag which was followed by the national anthem. The inspiring speech by Hon. Annamalai not only inspired Prayanee’s but the other 25,000 students also. Followed by the republic day celebration Prayanees interacted with Mr. Mohan Alva, Founder and Director, Alva Education Foundation. He addressed the Prayanees saying that wisdom, education and knowledge are the three most important things which can lead a life in better ways. He also said that being the young generation it is very easy to have new innovation and creativity so you should always follow your dreams. Inspiration is all around you, what you need to do is listen to their stories. That’s what Prayanees have done today. During their journey towards Mysuru from Moodbidri, everyone shared their stories with each other. 

27th January

The first session at Mysuru began with the legend of the medical industry, Prof. K. S.Rangappa, Dr. of Science, Former VC of Mysuru University and open Karnataka University. He has introduced 12 patents in the medical committee over the last 40 years of research. He addressed Prayanees with the message of working on innovative ideas and putting their step forward to help the society. Then, Prayanees had a chance to visit Infosys campus, Mysuru. They interacted with Mr Sundar, Associate Vice President and Head of IMS academy at Infosys. He shared the historic journey of Infosys from which he asked Prayanees to lead their life by example and also by giving 100% commitment to the work. He also spoke about the human values and ethics which will make everyone a perfect human being. He said Passion for your dream, Integrity towards your work and intelligence are must to perform the best.


Then, Prayanees have visited Kaliyuva Mane at Mysuru. Student of Kaliyuva Mane spoke about the school. What is more important? Being literate or being educated? Kaliyuva Mane educates students to be a good human being.

Mr. Ananth, Founder of Kaliyuva Mane interacted with prayanees and told them about this out of system school and how the initiative has brought light into people’s life.


28th January: 

 Samarthanam is an organisation supporting disabled and blind people. Prayanees visited the organisation today and had a tour. They have seen the cabinet room, the digital library for blind students, public library, tailoring training, and beautician training for women who suffered from domestic violence. Prayanees also visited the classroom and computer training centre for children. The visit was followed by a beautiful musical song with a mini-band then a classical dance.

Samarthanam visit was followed by a session with Mr. Mahantesh Kivadasannavar, founder, the samarthanam, and president of World Blind Cricket, LTD. He shared the journey of Samarthanam and inspired prayanees to do more as nothing is impossible in the present generation. Life is an opportunity to live together and have a great nation with values, ethics, and principle where there will be no ups and downs, discrimination, race, and social strata. To lead an enchanted life with peace and equality.

Ms. Vasanti, Trustee, Samarthanam added points about Samarthanam and the work they have extended for the development of society. The session at Samarthanam continued by the experience sharing of all the students of Samarthanam. Being a first student of Samarthanam, Mr. Chandru spoke about his journey. 

In this session, prayanees got to know about the multiple opportunities available for the Prayanees. Mr. Rohit Sarswathi is a motivational speaker who has climbed Mount Everest. He shared his journey with Prayanees and asked them to follow their dreams on a very serious note.

One of the most active and important sessions for the LEAD Prayana is with Ravi D. Channanavar, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru Rural. He has inspired prayanees by his talk. He answered all the questions Prayanees had in their minds which included spiritual, safety-related and political-related questions.

29th January: 

The session was full of energy which added excitement and enthusiasm. Then, Prayanees had a small hill climbing at night. Again in the morning, Prayanees began their day at Muddenahalli with a very peaceful and beautiful morning!

With lots of enthusiasm and energy, Prayanees climbed the hill while doing yoga to wait and see the beautiful sunrise. Then, Prayanees had a session with Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Chandana who are solo travellers who run a successful business. Prayanees have worked at Vishal farms and hands-on experienced the life of farmer here. Mr. P. S. Madhusudhan, Founder and Managing Director of Vishal Natural Foods and Products gave an important message to Prayanees. He told Prayanees to take agriculture as the opportunity to create a successful career. He is the one who has used technology in the agricultural field and gave a different aspect to agriculture and farming.

30th January:

 India is famous for its culture of farming, agriculture, and village life. Prayanees had a beautiful start of the day in a village. They explained how village life is giving them peace and happiness more than city life. Prayanees worked at the farms and experienced village life.

After an energetic work with the family members in the village, Prayanees visited Smt. Gouramma Basavaneppa Ankalkoti, Govt. First Grade College, Shiggaon. This college students in collaboration with the DET and LEAD have started a skilling program called ELEVATE where they train students to get skills which will help them to get good opportunities and jobs in the companies.

Prayanees got a chance to visit Hire manakati village where they had a session with Mr. Nagesh who runs a program “Skill in the village”, aiming to develop the communication skills of the high school students. From this students are getting impactful knowledge of communication.

Street play is arguably the oldest form in existence. Prayanees performed the street play in the village to create awareness about the present domestic violence in society.

Stop it, Say no to domestic violence.

31st January: 

Prayanees visited Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya, a school which basically provides musical and academic education to 200 underprivileged children for free. KSV is more than a school, it is where the children can blossom and unleash their true potential. Prayanees had a session with Mr. Adam, Head of KSV who answered all the questions asked by Prayanees. The visit was followed by a campus tour of KSV.

Then, Prayanees contributed to Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya by surfing the mud surface with bricks. They have done amazing work today at KSV.

Prayanees had their last exposure visit to Sandbox Startups, a living laboratory for entrepreneurs. Prayanees explored the laboratory and workshop of the Deshpande Foundation and got to know the new technologies and techniques of present technical generation.

After that, Prayanees interacted with Dr Gururaj Deshpande, Mrs Jayshri Deshpande, and Mr Rajeev Prakash. Dr Gururaj shared his views on women empowerment and how to be an entrepreneur. 

Mrs Jayshree shared her experience of climbing Mt. Everest at the age of 50 which she gave a lot of inspection that “you never know until you try your best without pessimism.”

The session continued with a discussion with Mr. Rajeev Prakash, who explained the importance of leadership qualities and the need of leaders to the nation.

Next two days, that is on 1st and 2nd February, Prayanees enjoyed and experienced the biggest conference,  YUVA SUMMIT in Hubballi with LEADers and student from colleges. To know about these amazing days of the conference click the below.

10th LEAD Yuva Summit – 2020

We, LEAD family, thank all the partners of LEAD Prayana 2020 whose support have contributed to make the journey a success.

  • The Classic KAS and IAS study circle!
  • Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala!
  • Akshay Patra!
  • VTU-Vishweshraya technological university!
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education!
  • Infosys!
  • Deshpande Skilling!

Then, last but not the least the final activity of LEAD Prayana ends with a feedback session, where prayanees anonymously write feedback on the back of a person with a paper attached to him. They write about to be improved by that person.


Written by: Pathan Roshan Khan

                                                                                        Email id: roshankhanpathan21@gmail.com

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