LEAD Prayana

LEAD Ek Soch Prayana 2019 – Day 08


The 8th day of LEAD Ek soch Prayana started with an activity in Noida. After the activity Prayanees headed to the most versatile company for an exposure visit, Amazon office, Noida. Miss. Shreya guided the Prayanees in amazon where she shared history of establishment of the company in which Prayanees understood that amazon was founded in the year 1994 in Washington by Teff. As it was started as a book company and took a hike into such a huge multi brand selling company it has been given the title of Earth’s most customer centric company. Through conversation with Miss Shreya Prayanees understood the problems, such as, free packing, faced by amazon. Prayanees came across the various culture followed by amazon. Amazon always keep themselves updated with new technologies, arone services. It has a friendly environment where the employees can get their pets to the office. In this visit Prayanees understood the value of being volunteer and they should never be afraid.

After such great visit in amazon Prayanees visited BIMTECH where they had a chance to meet Miss. Dipti Shankar, Founder, Safe Campus. This organization  trains girls self defense techniques. In the session she spoke about SOS – Six Seconds of Survival and the various breakdowns people get nowadays such as, mental, emotional and Physical. This organization has trained 145 schools in just two years, as it was founded in the year 2017. In the session Miss. Dipti taught some self defense positions.

After the session at BIMTECH Prayanees met Mr. Navpreet Kaur, Director, HCL where he spoke about the key for a successful life where he mentioned health and education holds a very major part in this. In this talk he said, “Everyone wants to learn more and more but no one talks about how to de- learn things which are not necessary in life”. By telling the definition of development he spoke about the changes that has been made in the schools of Delhi. He gave a brief description about the Happiness Curriculum initiative in Delhi Schools which will be started from July 2019.  After the session Prayanees visited school library, laboratories. By seeing the infrastructure Prayanees had to change their perception regarding government schools.

Though Prayanees had very busy schedule after snacks they were very excited for the next session as they were waiting to meet Mr. Dilip Modi. He asked everyone about the journey and experiences in LEAD Prayana. Everyone in the journey shared their experiences in the journey. In this interaction session Prayanees heard his life story. He shared experiences of his boarding life and the difficulties he faced there. He spoke about his mother and appreciated her contribution in his life. Prayanees asked him various questions about life and he answered all of them, through which he inspired everyone to have values in life and to respect them no matter what. He also told that opportunities are not given by someone we have to grab them and make something better out of it.

Written By: Sadaf

Edited By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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