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LEAD Prayana 2019- Route 01- Day 10


For the 10th day of LEAD Prayana, the Prayanees got an early start to their day and traveled to their next destination. At 4:00am, they got on to their bus and had a mandatory nap time until they arrived to set up for the day ahead. Today Prayanees visited Agastya International Foundation, Kuppam. This foundation provides hands on learning about the academics facts to school students. This concept might seem very small and it did looked small for few Prayanees. But after they got proper exposure about the foundation and its campus everyone was surprised to see the facilities available to the school students.

Followed by the breakfast and a brief introduction about the foundation, Prayanees had a tour of the campus which was guided by Mr. Jagadeesh. Prayanees were distributed into batches to cover the campus tour in a day. They visited the Design Lab, the Innovation Lab, and the Young Instructive Leader lab. The design lab included the activities for students to design small components or to have an idea about it. The innovation lab provides the facilities to innovate. It is an exposure for students to work on their unique ideas. The Young Instructive Leader Lab is the lab where one student get to teach the other batch. In this lab they train such sharp students in to the path of leadership. The learning process of these labs was explained by instructor, Mr. Mahesh.

The exposure visit of Agastya foundation continued with exploring Sensorium Lab, Mechanics of movements, Neuroscience Lab which was guided by Mr. Mahesh. Senses, movements and mechanisms of body are known to all but the knowledge of working process is very rare. Even in school student learn about these facts in textbooks whereas agastya foundation provides a facility where students learn about them with practical exposure. Prayanees were amused to see the practical implementation of all the theory taught in Agastya. Followed by these visits, Prayanees had a visit to planetarium which is built in the Agastya Foundation Campus itself.  

Furthermore, the Prayanees got to participate in the hands on activity in creating seed balls. With a mixture of red dirt, cow dung, and water, into a ball a seed was planted in the center. These balls will later be planted at Agastya International Foundation to grow plants that are beneficial to birds. Followed by the activity and snacks, Prayanees were sent to village to teach at few night schools.

After a long day of work and learning, the Prayanees had a dance off in the auditorium. They danced the night away and listened to their favorite songs.  Furthermore, some Prayanees showed off their moves on the stage and the crowd went wild. At 11:00pm, they boarded the bus to continue to the final destination on the journey: Hubballi.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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