LEAD Prayana

LEAD Prayana 2019 – Day 07


The Day started at 6 am  with Yoga to boost the energy of the prayanies. Then with quick breakfast the fresh faces  journey proceeded towards the Infosys campus of Mysore. The Infosys campus of Mysore is a India’s largest training centre which is spread across 337 acres. Prayanies had a look over the beautiful campus and they were wow struct by the infrastructure of Infosys.

The Infosys campus has 4 different categories of building which serves the purpose of training, Software development buildings, accommodation which can facilitate 9,500 tranies at a time.

Infosys believes in the healthy employee is there strength. The have all the facilities to keep their employees happy n healthy, like recreation centre, swimming pool, international cricket ground, gym, multiplex theatre with 4 screens etc..

In the second half of the visit the prayanies had a interactive session with the Mr. Hari and Mrs. Sahana who briefed the students about the history of Infosys. The Infosys also called dream company of students was started in 1981 with 7 team members in the leadership of Mr. Narayan Murthy the youth icon. It started in a small room in Pune with just 250$ and the success story how it has become a millionaire company now. The students were carried away by the success story of Infosys. Mr. Hari and Mrs. Sahana answered to all the questions of students and there expectations from the students.

The hospitality of Infosys ended with the delicious meal. After the meal the journey headed towards the Kaliuva Mane. Kaliyuva Mane is an informal school for underprivileged children located at Mysore in Karnataka province of India.Kaliyuva Mane was established in 2005 by a non for profit foundation called Divya Deepa Charitable Trust based in Mysore. The present Managing Trustee of the organization is Mr. M.R. Ananth Kumar, a social activist and lifetime volunteer.The school is set in a 2 acres (0.8 ha) farmland adjacent to the Mananthavady Road in Mysore city. There are five innovative learning areas, one auditorium, one science laboratory and one small library. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls. A modern kitchen equipped with Gobar gas, Astra stove and LPG gas makes hygienic and nutritious food for the children and the volunteer-teachers.

The prayanies had a wonderful time with in campus of Kaliuva Mane time with students present there. They had interaction with Mr. Anantha and got clarified with all the questions they had about this unique concept teaching. Now the time was to visit the world famous Mysore Palace and Chamundi Hills.

At the end of the day the prayanies were filled with mixed learnings of Infosys the IT world and the new teaching concept Kaliuva Mane. They were inspired and agreed to what Kaliuva Mane is doing to the unprivileged children.

Written By: Vaishnavi Patil

Email: vaishnavipatil6@gmail.com

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