LEAD Prayana

LEAD Prayana 2019 – Day 06


Today every one was excited and full of energy. After finishing up an early breakfast Prayanees were ready to celebrate the 70th Republic day at Alva’s Institute. Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January replacing the Government of India Act as the governing document of India. This year, the Prayanees got the honor to celebrate the 70th Republic day at Alva’s College with over 30,000 attendees.

It was an exciting celebration with tons of music, special guests, and food at the end. The Prayanees got to wave their flags and be a part of a historical event.

After an exciting celebration Prayanees again had delicious breakfast and were ready to meet, the founder of Alva’s Institute, Mr. Mohan Alva. He told the students about his life story and motivation to start the college. He began his college education with aspirations to join the medical field. However, after several failed attempts, Dr. Alva Mohan did not give up. Today, he is serving as a doctor and has helped changed many lives. In one story, he explained his experience with helping a woman deliver an unwanted child. He helped that child find a new home in hopes of them having a better life. Dr. Alva Mohan is a true inspiration and his success still strives today. He also interacted with Prayanees and solved many complicated and twists of Prayanees.

Around 2:00pm, the Prayanees started their journey to the 5th destination – Mysore. This part of journey was a memorable one for everyone. Unlike other journeys, Prayanees were not allowed to sleep or to rest in bus but to meet and to know the role models among themselves. Moodbidri to Mysore is a large distance to cover but the activities which were conducted in bus made it quite interesting. Prayanees shared their life stories, they shared their emotions and also cared about others. Those hours of travel changed everyone’s life. Many Prayanees got new perspective towards life and most of them were feeling a lot better after putting the baggage they have been carrying around. Few stories inspired, few stories made them cry, few stories made them laugh but at the end of the journey every there was a different and unspoken and never ending bind with each other.
After reaching Mysore, Prayanees had their dinner at Youth Hostel and took rest to wake up for the next day at Infosys, Mysore.


Written By: Vaishnavi Patil

Email: vaishnavipatil6@gmail.com

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