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LEAD Prayana 2019 – Day 04


Though 3rd day was filled with tight schedule the enthusiasm did not go down. The next day morning Prayanees met at 6:00am to participate in yoga led by Prayanee Nisaraga. It was a relaxing and energizing way to start the second day in Dharmasthala, and the fourth day of prayana. After an energetic session and tasty breakfast the exposure visit started for the day.

A child being stubborn at one stage of life is very common thing but when it starts affecting his or her future, it is the case to worry about. SKDRDP is involeved with activites whereas it moulds lives for betterment. Siddavana Gurukul being one of the example. LEAD Prayanees visited Siddavana Gurukul in Ujire which runs under SKDRDP. Mr. Mahabaleshwar, Chief In-charge, he spoke about why it is important to lead a life in very calm way. He also spoke about the treatment and concern that should be given to stubborn children. He told meaning of life and why is it important to be have goal and motto in life. The morning session with him affected a lot to Prayanees to think about their goals.
The siddanavana gurukul has another part of gurukul named as Ratnmanasawhere the students are taught a variety of life skills. They learn skills such as farming, caring for cattle, hair styling, and financial management.Mr. Krishna Shetty, who handles the gurukul showed around the campus and explained the activities which are taught to students to make them understand about life. Prayanees were amused to witness such beautiful campus with great motive of finding ways to make lives beautiful.

After visiting two amusing gurukul campus, Prayaness got to visit arboretum developed by SDM College Ujire where Prayaness saw diversity in the plants and got an exposure of botony. Followed by the visit to botanical garden, Prayanees visited SDM college of Ujire where they witnessed the various activities in the college such as multimedia, a radio station.

The Prayanees were split into three groups to tour the library, radio station, and the multimedia station. The radio station is a program that is completely ran by students only. On the station, speak on topics such as daily news, social awareness, and entertainment programs for local villages. The multimedia area features a green screen, light box, and teleprompter that is used by the students to make a their own YouTube channel. Furthermore, the students work hard on Thursdays to create content for the local news channel, that gets broadcasted on local Sunday television. After the tours and a short tea break, the students at SDM college organized a drama. It displayed the the struggles of villagers and how they overcame challenges. It was unique and exciting experience for the Prayanees!

Fourth day of Prayana was full with a lot of sessions but Prayanees were interested and excited. They visited a program called, Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI), which offers courses to unemployed people irrespective of the place. Visit to RUDSET was worth it as many Prayanees came up with various kind of plans to reduce unemployment issue in their hometowns.

Dharmasthala is not only religious place but also a place where a person can get lots of knowledge and also can understand the responsibility by seeing the work SKDRDP have been doing. Followed by a short visit to the car museum, the Prayanees paid their respects at the Dharmasthala temple. This temple is over eight hundred years old and it is one of the biggest temples India.

Afterwords, they improvised and quickly made a street play on voting. The Prayanees did a great job and got many compliments from the public. After finishing up the dinner Prayanees completed their reflection session where they shared their opinions and learnings from the whole day. The Prayanees were ready for the next adventure from the next day.




Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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