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LEAD Prayana 2019 – Day 03


The Prayanees started the day with some early-morning yoga in Manipal, this time taught by some of the LEADers in the journey, giving an example on how they are already beginning to take initiatives on their own. Later, they hopped on the bus towards Dharmasthala. First stop at Dharmasthala was SKDRDP, Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Develoment Project center where Prayanees understood the concept behind such a great intiative taken by Shri Veerendra Heggade. The SKDRDP was formed to achieve the goal of ”Inclusive Rural Development”, which is done through the Loans Diverse programs and initiatives, including loans, insurance, and pensions that help accomplish financial stability.

Fortunately, the prayanees were able to visit some of the groups that are organized towards these main objectives: Pragathi Bandhu Group is one of these branches inside SKDRDP that is highly beneficial for farmers, since creates small groups of up to 5 farmers and focuses on a weekly rotation of their farms and create a small cooperation where they work together in companionship. This particular group is located in Koyyur village in Belthangady Taluka, where the Prayanees could ask anything related to micro-financing through development. After having an interaction with the beneficiaries they met Self Help Group members.

Koyyur village is home to one of the Self-Help Groups, or Pragathi Bandhu Groups (PBG), which are organized within members of SKDRDP and their families. Shrinidhi Self Group is an active group that started 12 years ago and the purpose behind this group is to make members of the organization, in this case women, capable of running their household economy and being able to keep track on their expenses, duties and capabilities. The Prayaness learnt the way SKDRDP is making people aware of their abilities to take care for their own living expenses by providing management tools and skills as well as helping them receive funds for their projects.

After the meeting with Self help group members prayanees explored one of the units spread across Karnataka that focuses on the production of a great diversity of products from garments to food., SIRI, where they had the chance to interact with Manorama Bhatt (Director, SIRI). Every product that is sold in the store or exported throughout the country is made by women that come from rural areas which are enrolled with the SKDRDP. The organization provides them trainings on the early stages of their work life as well as all the resources they may need in the process. The employed women are encouraged to work independently and the Prayanees, after the exciting introduction given by the association, had the chance to go through the products sold there and even purchase garment.

That was not it in the exploring Dharmasthala. SKDRDP not only helps people with empowerment but cares about health too. SKDRDP has developed short but effective 8 day camps on successfully quitting alcoholism, Mr. Timmayya Naik (Project Officer) gave a talk on the projects that the organization has developed there. The SDM Medical Trust is a rehabilitation center that organizes 150 people sessions and programs full of activities and initiatives, all of them working towards getting rid of the patient’s addiction.
Finally, the Prayanees finished their tight schedule by visiting the SKDRDP main office where questions were more than appreciated and it allowed LEADers to revise some of the most important principles that the organization works to accomplish. Dr. L. H. Manjunath (Executive, Director, SKDRDP) gave a speech on how Dharmasthala has developed throughout the years and how SKDRDP was involved in that process. He shared few tips for success which helped Prayanees to understand it in better way. After the hectic day Prayanees finished their dinner and completed the day with reflection session.

Prayana is a planned journey with many unplanned things into it. After finishing up with dinner Prayanees visited SDM College of Ujire where they experinced the cultural night. The journey is also about the bond and freindship Prayaness share. They celebrated birthdays of fellow Prayanees by cutting cake and by spreading love to all of the Prayanees, The day ended with lots of laughter and staisfcation

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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