LEAD Prayana

LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day 9



Every Prayanee opened their eyes to the sight of birds chirping and that was the beginning of one beautiful day at Mavanhalli of Doddaballpur. After getting ready Prayanees were distributed with their respective work. prayanees got an opportunity to live the life of a farmer for with few early morning work at Narayan reddy’s farm and did all the work with discipline and with the passion to do something new. Some Prayanees never had an experience of fieldwork and they got a chance to explore the work. After breakfast, there was a small interactive session with the legend Mr. Narayan Reddy and then the memento for the lifetime achievement was given by Prayanees to Dr. Narayan Reddy.

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Then the journey started to Microsoft, Bangalore. Right after reaching there Prayanees had their lunch and then session started with Naveen Asrani and Bala from Microsoft, who helped to develop entrepreneurial skills in a very short time. The session was continued by P C Mustafa, He explained key points to success by sharing his life stories. Go ahead make mistakes, follow your passion, do not lose the opportunity, do not compare, look around and trusting customer are the some of the most important keys to the locks of the doors to the success.


After completing the interaction session with Mr. Mustafa the session was continued by Mr. Ramaji Raghvan, founder of Agastya Foundation who told Prayanees to choose their field with respective of their interest. He also told everyone to be ready to face the consequences of their action.Mr. Ramaji told Prayanees about HA, HAHA and HAHAHA moments of life. These are the life-changing moments of life every person has in his life.

Later the session was continued by Malathi Holla, the Paralympic winner who has won more than 300 prizes for India. Being a disabled person, the energy and the enthusiasm she has, has no limits. She is the best example for the people with low esteem who needs to trust themselves. She inspired every present Prayanee. She is now working in a bank and also is a mother of 30 children. She is the combination of all emotions of motherhood, she is the strongest women. She has been making everyone smile instead of the pain she is going through.



Later after having snacks Prayanees headed towards the VTU campus of Bangalore. After dinner, everyone had dinner with more of enjoyment andexcitement. As the days are passing Prayanees are experiencing the closeness and bond between each other. It has been nine days all Prayanees are together. People who did not know each other 8 days back became a family. That night Prayanees fed each other and had dinner as a huge family. And the 9th day was over with excitement and learning with all friends cum family.






Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajagam65@gmail.com


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