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LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day 8



Ever imagined a morning at a place surrounded by mountains? Well, Prayanees of 2018 could witness such a beautiful sight on the 8th day of LEAD Prayana. On the previous night, Prayanees halted at VTU campus of Madenalli and their morning started with an exercise witnessing the beautiful sunrise. Followed by the breakfast, Prayanees left the campus to have a totally unexpected and the best moments of their lives.


The first visit of the day was to the Samantharam disabled trust. The place which is not less than a heaven, the place which has provided a home to many homeless and specialized ones, the place which gives life to the ones society excludes. Yes, it is a trust that works for disabled people. Under skill development center Samarathanam is providing education, teaching computer usage to disabled as well as blind people. They have made people enough independent that blind people are using computers and are also able to speak for themselves.

Prayanees had a tour of the organization where they came across with the development center, digital library, school for the mentally and physically challenged children. They are also providing hostel to homeless women and girls who are facing problems at their houses and from the society. The hostel is provided under the government scheme of Swadhara. They provide the hostel for 6 months and meanwhile, Samarathanam trains these women in their respective interests. Some of them show interest to work for the organization and some step into society with the confidence gained in them.

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Samarathanam also arranges cricket tournaments for blind people. Recently India has won a blind cricket world cup in which three cricketers are beneficiaries of Samarathanam. After the tour of the trust, Prayanees had a session with Mr. Mahantesh Kivadasannavar, Founder, and trustee of Samarathanam who is also responsible for the constant support to the Indian blind cricket team. After the interaction session with Mr. Mahantesh, beneficiaries of Samarathanam came up and shared their experiences of their living and inspired all the prayanees with the confidence and determination. On the campus tour, and by hearing to the work done, prayanees eyes were filled with tears and everyone realized the worth of living aa full-fledged life. It was not just a learning experience but it was a tour of all emotions together. After the lunch at Samarathanam, prayanees left to the next stop of the day to Mavanhalli to meet the Dr. Narayan Reddy.


Dr. Narayan Reddy is the most enthusiastic organic farmer. He is the man with simplicity, numerous energy irrespective of his age. He is an 83 years old man who has come across with all kind of struggles. Even though he can have all the lavish lifestyle everyone dreams of I want to live in the village with my family surrounded by nature, my farm. The profit he gets is invested in the education of children. After a small interactive session prayanees had dinner. He gave the keys to have a successful and simple but the best life one should have.


After dinner when everyone was ready to have a pleasant sleep, there was a surprise for all prayanees. Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla, team LEADer hadcome to add excitement to the prayanees journey. Prayanees had an interactive session with Mr. Ajay. And there was the end of one more exciting day where Prayanees learned their responsibility, experienced the emotional bond for the society and met the youngest person by heart.


Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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