LEAD Prayana

LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day 7



Multi-national companies are the most attractive things on the market. Training given to the companies, the infrastructure, the systems and the working style, everything differs for each company. And all companies are famous for its individual characteristics. Most part of the youth has a dream to get into such big MNCs and to know about the programs run by them. Infosys is one of the top most MNC, which includes training programs, skill development, and internship. And for the same reason youth want to visit big companies such as Infosys. Prayanees of LEAD Prayana 2018 got a chance to have an exposure of a multi-national company. In the morning after breakfast Prayanees entered Infosys campus. Infosys has one of the biggest libraries.


Prayanees had a tour of Infosys campus followed by the same there was a session by Mr. Sundar KS, Associate vice president, IMS academy. Heshared the foundation story of Infosys and gave a message that Start is easy, sustainability is difficult. Mr. Sundar gave keys of success such as dedication, commitment and also he told to follow our values. He ended up the interactive session saying, “You need not be good with anyone but be fair to everyone.” After the session, Prayanees had the best food of the whole journey.


After the most amazing visit of Infosys, Prayanees headed towards Mandya city where Prayanees learned about the importance and ways of doing organic farming. Organic farming is very difficult to do implement but Mr. Mahadev, the Chief Operating Officer of organic Mandya inspired prayanees to follow the techniques of organic farming. In such a way today Prayanees heard two different fields and also enjoyed the day. After completing the session with the best role models LEAD Prayana 2018 headed towards VTU campus of Madenalli.


On the way to the campus, prayanees had three different activities in each bus. Prayanees of one bus listened to Dr. Chetan who inspired Prayanees by his stories. Prayanees of the second bus enjoyed their way towards the campus with Antakshari and music, whereas the third bus had the most emotional and best memories of Prayana journey when prayanees shared their stories. They got inspired by each one of them as prayanees found role models among the fellow prayanees. This was the 7th day of annual LEADership journey, LEAD Prayana 2018. And there are more 8 days to go for such mesmerizing journey for prayanees.


Written By: Ritika Ganiger

Email: ritikaganiger@gmail.com

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