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LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day 6



Celebrating Republic Day always adds up to school memories which are usually followed by distribution of sweets and cultural programs. But once we get along with the college, we tend to forget all these beautiful things. Whereas LEAD Prayana once again proved to do the best by making all the Prayanees realize the importance of Republic day. As the Prayana crew was in Ujire, Dharmasthala; Prayanees visited Ujire High school for flag hoisting.

On the occasion of Republic day for flag hoisting,Prayanees visited the high school in Ujire. Prayanees attended flag hoisting and the cultural program which showed that we all are together irrespective of castes, states, color, and the language we speak and gender.

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After the flag hoisting ceremony, Prayanees went to SDM Ujire College to visit the campus. They visited the radio station in the college which is run by students under the guidance of staff. In the station, conversation on social issues, debates, and others were taken up which was broadcast to local areas. Also, the college has media section where they cover local news and broadcast news bulletin weekly. They also have videos of the interview of unsung heroes of the locality. We also got to know about the exact curricular activities covered in the college. A session with Mr. Yashovarma (Secretary SDM Education society)and Mr. Keshav, the Principle of SDM Ujire College was arranged for more enlightenment. Yashovarma guided Prayanees saying “Individual is not a physical body but an accomplishment”


There are 52 education centers across the state. He also guided students by saying, “True education is what remains in you after you have forgotten whatever you have studied in four walls” and also advised Prayanees to have thirst for knowledge. And he ended up the session saying, “instead of criticizing a thing or country for a problem, try to change it”. Then Prayanees visited Dharmasthala’s Annapurna kitchen and learned about the way of cooking and the machines used for cooking and cleaning.

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After lunch, Prayana buses started the journey to Mysore. Every single moment is worth and should not be wasted. So Prayana team gave a task to build a business model for the convenience of a lower class of the pyramid. Prayaness completed the whole activity including the demonstration in the bus on the way to Mysore. The journey now rested down to prepare for another interesting day!

Written by: Nilima Jangam

Email Id: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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