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LEAD Prayana 2018 | Karnataka | Day-4


38986056025_0dad3025c4_kThe mesmerizing annual journey completed its 3 days with lots of learning and a multiple numbers of sessions with various role models from different fields. On the 4th day of the LEAD Prayana, LEADers visited a place with a rare combination of spirituality and various community development centers: ‘Dharmasthala’ the Holy place of Lord Manjunath. On this day, LEADers got a chance to meet Mr.Manjunath, the DirectorSKDRDP, an organization that works for rural development. “We do not feed them, we teach them to earn”, is the motto of SKDRDP Organisation of Dharmasthala. Dharmasthala works for four important daanas such as Annadana, Vidyadana, Arogya dana and Abhaya dana.“We dare people to dream and work with them to make them true” is the agenda, states Mr. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmasthala.


Prayanees next destination was RUDSET institute where Mrs. Anusaya, the faculty at the Rudset training center addressed the gathering. RUDSETI model of Entrepreneurship Development, which has been found effective in motivating the unemployed youth to take up self-employment as a career option. Rudset is a center which gives a platform to achieve something after dropping out from college. Rudset also gives training in various fields such as agriculture, technical, beautification, product EDP etc. The next stop at Dharmasthala was “Siri”, which provides women empowerment to the village women, to help them to be independent. SIRI is unique concept promoted for providing the much needed backward and forward linkages for rural women for taking up the various farm and non-farm income generation activities. Siri does not ask forextra qualification but provides help to women with their respective abilities. Later on, Prayanees visited a Rehabilitation center which runs under SKDRDP. Everyone came across victims of various bad habits.


Alcohol consumption is one of them. When it reaches an extent where one starts to lose the life, dragging such people back to society is the work done by this center. It has two ongoing programs, one is the stay camp at Ujire, Dharmasthala and another one which includes mass population in various places. By the interactive session with the managers and counselor of the center, Prayaness understood how the center works with the heavy alcohol consumers and how they treat addicts to become the positive person in the society. Further Prayaness had a session with Mrs. Mamata, HR of SKDRDP.


Mrs. Mamata, HR of SKDRDP patiently answered the ocean of questions raised by Prayanees. Prayanees’ were interested in knowing about women self-empowerment, De-addiction centers, and challenges of SKDRDP. The fourth day was spent at the various centers of Dharmasthala which work under the guidance of Dr. Veerendra Heggade. After all the meaningful visits and sessions, LEADers had a reflection session at Dharmasthala campus. The whole day was filled with sessions and an enormous amount of knowledge poured into LEADer’s minds.

Written by: Nilima Jangam

Email Id: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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