LEAD Prayana

LEAD Prayana 2018 | Karnataka | Day-3


The 3rd dawn of the prayanees was at the Manipal University. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, formerly branded as Manipal University, is a private research institute deemed to be university located in the university town of Manipal, Karnataka. The prayanees got an opportunity to visit the anatomy and pathology museums of the university. Anatomy Museum, Manipal is acclaimed as one of the best museums in Asia and one of the largest anatomy museums in the world. The prayanees were amused on witnessing the impressive museums.



39836572902_1c324958cc_mFollowed by the museum visit was a session with the Vice Chancellor of Manipal University, Dr. D G Prabhu. Manipal is not just a university rather it is an empire. The struggles to establish this empire was narrated by Dr. Prabhu (Pro Vice-chancellor) during the session. He also shared stories about the founder of Manipal, T. M. PAI. Virtuous intentions of the founder are one of the key factors of its success says Dr. Prabhu. Dr. Prabhu is the one best storyteller through which he inspired students to solve the day to day problems. He also said, “Life is like an ECG Machine report. One should have the all the ups and downs to make life exciting. If the life is plain and a straight line it is considered as end or death of exciting life.” He ended his talk by saying, “Life is all about taking a U-Turn or starting a new story at the Dead Ends.”



Soon the prayanees got an opportunity to have a campus tour. The magnificent campus staggered the prayanees.They also visited the Library of Manipal which is supposed to be the largest library of Asia. Prayanees had the chance to visit the miniature theater of virtual life of Manipal. Prayanees were not only mesmerized by the huge campus and facilities but also by the technology developed in it. The irony was that it was not scientists or some CEO of the companies who created but the students itself. Prayanees learned one thing from the visit that, it takes only a step of taking an initiative to give a shape to crazy ideas. During the campus tour, they also visited the stunning sports complex.



The view on virtual lofe of Manipal at the miniature theatre.


Team Prayana believes in enjoyment with learning. And Prayaness were excited to have a see the beauty of Manipal. Followed by the magnificent visit of Manipal campus, Prayaness visited the top end of Manipal which had a beautiful art of nature. Prayanees were excited to hit the Malpe beach and embrace the waves and the most beautiful art of mother nature, sunset. The sight of the Malpe beach was definitely a delight to all of them. They enjoyed jiving and educating people about avoiding usage of plastic and also discussed opinions regarding patriotism. And the day ended with learning new things, keys to the success of life and the mesmerizing sight view and sunset at Malpe beach.



Written by-Ritika Ganiger


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