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LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day 12


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A refreshing day for the Prayanees on day 11 made them feel homely. Day 12 of LEAD Prayana began with a harmonious morning visit to the famous Iskon Temple. The pleasant, quiet and relaxing ambiance of the temple spoke of its beauty in its own words. This surely kick-started Day 12 in a complete energy mode. They then visited the world famous, Akshaya Patra- Asia’s largest Kitchen. They run a school lunch programme across India that aims to end child hunger. The Prayanees had their breakfast at Akshaya Patra. Their breakfast was followed by an interactive session with Mr. Rajesh Patki. The Prayanees had a complete tour of the kitchen that would leave anyone mesmerized. Mr. Rajesh Patki left no stone unturned when the session of how they manage to supply lunch every day took place. The Prayanees learned the management part of the job in this session.



The next stop on the day 12 of LEAD Prayana was at the Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalayam. KSV is a residential school that seeks to empower and supports children from socially marginalized and economically disadvantaged backgrounds through a comprehensive educational program that combines a rigorous academic curriculum with a musical training component. The main element of their school is music. At KSV, students are taught vocals, harmonium, sitar, table, violin, bansuri (Flute), and Bharatnatyam dance. Prayanees had a wonderful experience here. They learned how a parallel educational system works. Mr. Adam Wordsworth, the director of KSV had a small session with the Prayanees regarding the management of the school and other activities.




A visit to the Parle-G industry came next to the Prayanees. They learned the process of how biscuits are made and had an access to one of the biggest Biscuit industry in India. A session was conducted for the Prayanees to understand the process a biscuit undergoes to become the finished product. Tiring visits to many places on the day did not go unnoticed. The ex Prayanees and Yuva Summit Volunteers had a Treasure Hunt planned for the Prayanees. All the route members were mixed and made to play and this helped them develop teamwork between people they know barely. With this tiring day, Day 12 of LEAD Prayana took rest.


Written By: Amruth R S

Email: tazamruth@gmail.com

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