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LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day 13


39383657464_67cf486e9e_kPrayana day 13 started with the yoga session by Mr. Vivek Pawar. The yoga sessions have never failed to energize the mornings of Prayanees. The serenity and the thoughtful minds make a perfect combination to begin the day. During the session, Mr. Vivek addressed the importance of aspirations in one’s life. He also mentioned about converging the wandering thoughts. He alsoshared his story of success and elaborated the tactics ofsetting the goal in one’s life. Such energetic session made their day.

Words could definitely inspire an individual but what experiences give is mirror to reality. Prayana helps students face casualties and diverse situations. As part of Prayana, they were exposed to community services. They had an activity for collecting grains from a locality in Hubballi. They collected about 200+ kgs of grains which were donated to Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya. While they moved about in the village they also educated people about the ongoing buzz of digital transactions. They discussed problems that the villagers face and also came up with solutions to those problems.This activity made them understand the real-life problems and realize their responsibility towards society. After the hard work in society Prayanees had a surprise waiting for them in the next session!




All the Prayanees were taken to Denison’s to witness the start-up dialogue. In startupdialogue, they attended a session”Evening with ever young and humorous coaches” and interacted with Mr. RamG (Ex COO for Airtel) and Mr. Niket K (CEO and founder of Atyaasa consultingPvt Ltd).The evening was in the name of innovation and entrepreneurship. Prayanees were addressed by Mr. Anup Vijapur (Innovation Head, Nanopix) who is aproud alumni of LEAD

He spoke about the ideating sparks in every person. Narrating stories of reality and motivation, Mr. Anup inspired all the Prayanees. The evening was definitely a push through, motivating prayanees.This session ended with the dinner at Denison and they returned back to DDT.

39383611674_cb557f4549_kReflection sessions of Prayana have proved to be really worthy. Prayanees got an opportunity witnessing the dialogue from the entrepreneurs and innovators.The Prayanees discussed all their learnings and also overcame the fear of having a group discussion. As usual, this day also ended with surprises.

Written By: Ritika Ganiger

Email: ritikaganiger@gmail.com

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