LEAD Prayana

LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day 10


39967076872_380cd77dce_zThe Prayanees were amused to see the scientific temper in the ambiance of Agastya foundation. Every mind there had the current of innovation always running. Agastya International Foundation is an Indian education trust and non-profit organization. Mr. Nitin Desai addressed the Prayanees about the foundation and explained how the mission of Agastya is to spark curiosity, nurture creativity and build confidence among economically disadvantaged children and teachers in India. A team of scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs led by Mr. Ramji Raghavan founded Agastya in 1999.

The Prayanees were impressed on hearing about the organization. While having the tour of Agastya campus Prayanees came across the methods of learning, and how technology is helping children to get excited about education. Agastya is helping the students from nearby villages of Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Prayanees had a chance to visit the artificial Planetarium.

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Later the Prayanees proceeded to learn while they worked in fields. Prayanees enjoyed toiling on the farm. They were excited to learn farming techniques and did a commendable job. Followed by this was the community development activity. The Prayanees were distributed in groups and went to a nearby village for community activity. Prayaneesstepped forward for removal of unwanted plants and also planted around 30 sampling in the surroundings. All the groups visited different night schools where they conducted various activities for those kids. Before leaving they distributed chocolates to them and bid a farewell.

Well, as mentioned earlier learning is not only about sitting in classrooms but also about enjoying the present moments. The day ended rejoicing the cultural evening. The Indian folk music filled the Prayanees with enthusiasm and energy. They tapped their feet to the beats and enjoyed the evening. And the Prayana crew headed towards Hubbali for the exciting journey.

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Written By: Ritika Ganiger

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