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LEAD Prayana 2018 | Karnataka | Day-1



With an aim of Unleashing your LEADership Potentials, LEADers started their LEADership Prayana journey of 2018. LEAD Prayana is all about exploring oneself, hunting down the talent within oneself, meeting aspiring role models and experiencing more than100’s of stories from LEADers from various states. The most awaited journey of the year, LEAD Prayana 2018 started at the Visvesvaraya Technical University at Belagavi.


The journey began with the arrival of more than 100 excited LEADers from various parts of the country such as Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Delhi, and Punjab. After the registrations on 20th January 2018 LEADers had an exciting interaction session with Miss Nimika Ratnakar whorepresented India for Miss Supertalent of the World pageant being held in South Korea and Mr. Dharma Keerthiraj a Kannada Actor who is the fame of Kannada movie Mumtaaz. Followed by the event, an amazing cultural evening was hosted for the prayanees.

On the morning of 21st January, even with the cold climate, prayanees started their first day of Prayana with the Yoga and Pranayama session, where they learned about different types of mudras and their uses.



After such a great start of the day, Prayanees had a tour of VTU campus of Belagavi and learned about the history behind such a great and huge university. Followed by the breakfast, there was the most exciting session with Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO of LEAD), Mrs. Jayashree Deshpande (Co-founder of Deshpande Foundation), Mr. Raj Belgaumkar (Chairman of IMER and Board member of Karnataka Law society), Mr.Satish Annigeri (registrar at VTU), and Mr. Jayant Humbarwadi (Executive Director atAshok Iron Group). LEADers cleared their doubts by asking questions to all respected people present at the Kick-Off event of LEAD Prayana. In the session, LEADers learned about simplicity, calmness, key to a better and a successful career. Also, they learned about optimism, and importance of self-realization.





After such an inspiring session, flag hosting was done. The Prayanees moved towards their first destination, AEQUS Aerospace Company where LEADers saw the manufacturing procedures of different parts of an airplane. LEADers had a good lunch at the AEQUS campus. After the tour of campus was done LEADers interacted with the makers of such a mesmerizing company. Followed by the tea after the session, LEADers moved towards Mahesh Foundation.


Mahesh Foundation works for HIV Positive children. They have also taken an initiative of self-employment for women in the nearby villages. Mr. Mahesh Jadhav is also working for the development of slum areas and education of the poor children. After listening to such a great story, all LEADers were inspired by Mr. Mahesh Jadhav. After the session was completed Prayanees were dropped back to VTU campus for dinner and the further activities.


After the dinner, Prayanees had a reflection session where some of the Prayanees shared their experience about the first day of Prayana 2018. As said, the journey is of participants and for participants, Prayanees were kept in their respected field. Now at the end of the day, Prayanees learned and performed jiving, the anthem of LEAD Prayana. With this, day one was winded up for all the prayanees.


Written by- Nilima Jangam


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