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The sun rose in the east in the sky for the world but for the Prayanees on DAY-6 it rose with so much of hope of enlightenment and desire to learn more. LEAD PRAYANA 2017 reaches the DAY-6 with so many memories absorbed and looking forward to receive more and more.



Prayanees reached Karnataka capital, Bengaluru-Silicon city which emits the positive vibes within the Prayanees. The dawn paved the path of learning to the venue where every explorer would want to visit. The Prayanees reached the global giantMicrosoft Research Indiato explore, experience and be enthralled.It was a new world of technology which ran faster than the man did where Prayanees encountered Mr.Bala Girisaballa, CEO in Residence,Microsoft India (R&D) Ltd./ Accelerator India for instilling a spirit to rise the bars and attain greater heights.

He leads the Accelerator’s efforts in helping market ready entrepreneurs and startups scale up and he runs successful businesses through technology enablement and global go-to-market efforts.16112937_10154980767567863_8157512979474362068_o

Youth energy inspires the youth, and the next personality the Prayanees came across was a man whose passion was his identity, Mr.Jaytirtha Ahya, a creative genius, an indefatigable thinker, a nascent writer, intense photographer and avid lover of music is a design strategist is running a company named The Experience Co.

The session turned so interactive and the zeal was pumped up by every statement he claimed. Prayanees were boosted by learning his achievements at such young age.Making this one a memorable one Prayanees were much more accelerated and had inspiration set in their minds which was going to guide them all in future.


The journey of thought and more struggle of learning more for Prayanees continued and they were so excited when they got to know they would be meeting the “Proud Daughter of India” who is crowned as the “Queen on Chariot”, Ms.Malathi Holla,an international para-athlete. No obstacles stopped her way to reach her goal and set an inspiration for the country internationally.She represented India in the Paralympics held in South Korea, Barcelona, Athens and Beijing; the Asian Games held in Beijing, Bangkok, South Korea and Kuala Lumpur; World Masters held in Denmark and Australia, Commonwealth Games in Australia and Open Championships in Belgium, Kuala Lumpur and England.

Today, it was a proud and satisfying moment for the Prayanees to listen and interact with her.This was followed by the visit by the Ex-Prayanees who shared their zest of experience and brought more enthusiasm for the further journey.

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The Prayanees of the route 2 were no less bombarded with amazing learning and so much information to explore.After the daily activities the journey set to upgrade the food processing industry & to add value to agricultural products, a group of like-minded individuals mainly women from various backgrounds are involved in the business of food processing with the brand name “Pick Me”.

Wisely chosen, Pomegranate is the main product of them for food processing which will be exported to 20 different countries which are consumed by other countries during their off-season. They say youth need to turn towards taking Indian agriculture to next level.

Mr.Preetham, Mr.Rao & entire SAMAGRI team gave the best support and all time cooperation and for provided the opportunity to come across and enhance the knowledge.


They further moved to GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute), it is a system that coordinates every emergency through a single toll-free number 1-0-8 which when called in an emergency. Starting with 5 ambulances and 40 employees in 2015 it has set a mark of success with 11,000 ambulances and 45,000 employees. Prayanees were amazed to know that is served for free and serves for humanity and is the largest Emergency service, provider. The government provides the fuel and vehicle expenses.Prayanees were taken for a tour showing up the facilities like internal ambulance service, equipment, etc. The day ended with feedback and discussions refreshing the day.

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This day ended with satisfaction for each person in the journey that they have made this day worth living and learning. Prayanees look forward towards the next day of more to learn, share and explore.

Written by- Rasika Mangale


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