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Day-14 LEAD Prayana 2017 Last Day at Hubli DCSE

The Journey which began mere two weeks back was nearing its most unexpected turn, the end.

The faces which were as excited on the beginning day were dull and saddened today as they knew that there won’t be any further early wake-up calls, no punishments, no sessions and of course no get together of the friendship which was made during these 14 days.


So the final day thewake-up call was full of excitement and geared up minds hustling to the buses for the final trip to DCSE and of LP-17. They had worn Ethnic Attire for the Day.

The first session to be witnessed by Prayanees was of Mr. Vivek Pawar ( Sankalp Semi Conductors) where he briefed them about leadership, an aspect of leadership and its module.He further went on to tell about his story of turning himself into a great leader.

After his session, Ajay Suman Shukla briefed Prayanees for a final time.


And the most exciting part was yet to come, Prayanees had to review each other but had to make sure that they don’t reveal their identity against them, hence a paper was pasted each on the back of Prayanees where they wrote positive, negative and mix feedbacks on

16298864_10155008551937863_435543853362362374_n the sheet which they want them to either improve or keep the same! This activity was favorite among Prayanees that it took a time span of more than an hour plus surplus amount of supplements taken.

After a brief break, Prayanees had an interacting session with Mrs.Shravani Pawar (Co-founder Safe Hands 24*7) where she told them how she overcame the hurdles of society, family and people to conquer new heights and reaching the peak of success.


After Lunch Prayanees headed to DF auditorium to witness the Development Dialogue and a session by Mr.Naveen Jha(CEO DF India) and Mrs.Neelam Maheshwari (Navodyami).

And followed by the marathon of sessions, consisting of Goli Vadapav, Popatrao and (Some Google maps creator). After all the 2017 Prayana was nearing the end, the felicitation cum graduation ceremony began where all Prayanees were appreciated with a certificate.

And lastly the main backbones of the Journey i.e. the organizers of LP-17 were appreciated and praised by the Journey In-charge Mr.Abhinandan Kavale

And thus 15 days long journey across the states of Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh concluded with some bidding goodbye to their friends the same evening itself having teary eyes.

Written by- Arpan Satapathy


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