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Not every day is a Sunday goes a saying but for the Prayanees, it didnt seem to apply. After 11 days of excitement, DAY 12 left no hopes down. Even after these many days of Prayana 2017, the Prayanees hunger for knowledge only grew stronger.

The Day 12 began with a visit to Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya, a school for music and more at Kalkeri16265239_10155003504997863_3577296597466026796_n, Dharwad. The Prayanees were met with performances from the students of KSV. They had a tour of the whole campus and were delighted. One of the Prayanee explains how it is a completely different world in there. Classical songs and dances made the morning for the Prayanees. They had a refreshing breakfast at the same venue after which they met the Man of vision for KSV. Adam Woodward, Director at KSV held a session with the Prayanees. Empowering disadvantaged children gives them the opportunity to obtain qualifications in academics and music. Ultimately, this will enable them to find meaningful and well-paid employment which will have a positive impact on them and their families, says Adam Woodward. The Prayanees learned how through their music the children will contribute towards the conservation and diffusion of Indias vast musical heritage.

After a very uplifting session, the Prayanees headed to one of the yummiest industries in India. The Parle-G industry left the Prayanees mouth watered at its entrance. They were informed of all the products of Parle in the industry. A detailed view of how the most favorite biscuit of every Indian is produced made the whole visit very thrilling. At the same place, the Prayanees had a very ravishing 16298647_10155003756282863_858056128985602661_nNorth-Karnataka lunch. This definitely would have kept them full for the rest of the day.

This journey of thought and struggle is never complete without the pavement of sessions of young zealous LEADers. The Prayanees headed back to Deshpande Foundation where they had multiple sessions with many inspiring LEADers. Suhas Gopinath, the CEO and President of a Bangalore-based IT solutions company, Globals Inc. overwhelmed each and every16265528_10155003693612863_4217042485139255036_n Prayanee with his experience.

Next, the Prayanees had a session with the leading authority on e-commerce and reCommerce. Israel Ganot–CEO, president, and co-founder of Gazelle kept the Prayanees stuck to their seats.

The session didnt have enough when Bhakti Sharma took over. Bhakti Sharma, the 26-year-old open water swimmer who has already swum in all five ocean of the world inspired most the Prayanees in her session.


Day 12 ended with start-up dialogue for the Prayanees at Infosys, Hubli. With enough room left for entertainment, the day for Prayanees ended with Cultural events at Deshpande foundation.

Written by- Amruth S

Email- tazamruth@gmail.com

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