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Lead Leadership Program 2019 – Batch 1


Everyone’s life has unexpected turning moments and LEADer Swaroop found his in Lead LEADership Program. This program is a residential camp for 10 days hosted by LEAD Deshpande foundation at Hubli. Spending a vacation in the most exciting way is everyone’s wish. LEADer Swaroop from Chikodi, Belagavi was super excited for this camp to meet new people and to have a great experience.

The first day of camp began by various activities to mingle with other participants from all over Karnataka. The day started with introducing each other and activities to build good relation with each other. In the evening of the first day participants travelled to Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya where committees were formed to maintain rules and regulations of the camp. Another motto of these committees is to develop responsibility in participants.

The next morning of the LLP started with an eco walk to the top of the hill where they enjoyed the fresh air and had a pleasant morning. After witnessing the beauty of sunrise on top of the hill everyone felt peaceful. The day continued with community activity and a session with Mr. Sudharan who shared the history of KSV and the way the organisation is focusing on the education of children from rural background. After the session LLPians returned back to Deshpande Foundation.

The third day started with yoga sessions by Mr. Rakesh Totakar where he explained the benefits of yoga. Leadership and the contents are very deep concepts to understand but Mr. Gurusiddayya K (Deputy Manager) made it easy by clarifying three most important questions about LEADer and LEADership, “Who is LEADer?”, “Where is the LEADer?”, “What is the LEADership?”. The complete LEADership module was explained on the basis of games and various leadership related activities. The day was full of learning and enjoyment. The next day began with yoga practice but the peak of excitement was only because of instructor of the day, Mr. Vivek Pawar (CEO, Deshpande Foundation). He taught LLPians ways to be physically strong and mentally fit by performing yoga. From his life story LLPians learnt that failures are steps towards success. His life story does justice for the quote, “Failures are steps towards Success”. He also said, “Problem make a person strong and solving those problems enables that person”. The session was continued by interaction with international volunteers by video call with the help of Mr. George. In this interaction LLPians understood the way of educational, financial, political, agricultural systems. Along with that they understood how culture, weather food habits and wedding practice and behaviour of people change from country to country.  

The LEADership module continued by Mr. Gurusiddayya where he took sessions on personality development, team building, effective communication and empathy.

LEAD LEADership Program is not just about sessions on LEADership qualities but also concentrates on exposure visits and practical knowledge. The fifth day of first batch of LLP was more about visits. The first visit was to “Agastya International Foundation”. In this visit LLPians understood the way this foundation is helping students for the practical exposure of science. With the help of this foundation many schools are able to give meaningful and practical education to students. “Sandbox Startups” is an organisation where young entrepreneurs can build their brand and startup. The visit to startup was helpful to understand the concept of entrepreneurship. LLPians visited all the facilities provided by the sandbox startups. Deshpande education trust is India’s largest skill development center and LLPians were lucky to visit the center and to know the facilities such as fellowship programs for skills development program of students. After returning to Deshpande Foundation a session with a snake rescuer, Mr. Sangamesh gave information about snakes and how he started his career as a snake rescuer. Most of the citizens of India are unaware about RTI, Right To Information and many other rights of Indian constitution. Mr. Pramod Hukkeri (Deputy Manager) shared information about Right to Information. His session was helpful to understand the ways of getting information social problems, and the measures taken by local government to solve those. He also explained how to apply for RTI through online and offline portals.  

English communication and grammar has become one of the basic knowledge. Mr. Santosh Biradar (Program Officer) made these things easy by taking session on grammatical errors while speaking and writing. Soft skills are important to present ourselves in the society. Mr. George (Intern at Deshpande Foundation) taught body language, usage of stage and eye contact. In the late morning the most exciting session began by Mr. Abhinandan Kavale. This session was all about creativity. The hidden talent and hidden artist in everyone came out of everyone. This session helped everyone to think out of the box and taught everyone that there are no boundaries and limitations for imagination.

Serving food to the hungry is the best deed in the world. “Akshaya Patra”, India’s largest kitchen produces and provides mid-day meal for school children. Over 1.7million children are served across 12 states in India. Media, camera photography are the most trending and the most exciting trends running now. Everyone is very excited but very less people are aware of these technologies and functions of camera. Mr. Shashidhar Baradwad, (Media Head, Deshpande Foundation) conducted a session on photography, different types of cameras and function of cameras like ISO, shutter speed and much more.After the theoretical knowledge practical exposure is important that is why all LLPians were given a chance of handling camera. Everyone operated cameras and captured some of the beautiful views of BVB and Deshpande Foundation campus. Everyone has a story and there is a way of sharing them with everyone. It is important to share the stories in attractive way so that right message has been given to the people. Mr. George conducted an activity for improving storytelling quality of LLPians.  

Deshpande Education Trust is having many fellowship programs. The eighth day was all about a session writing effective email and agenda of an event or a program. This effective and the most necessary session was taken by Mr. Sunil Kammar, ICT trainer of DET. Along with photography skills and media, social media such as facebook, instagram and many other activities of internet are on trend. Proper usage of these sites on the internet is required to develop our country. Mr. Manoj Garagad, ICT trainer at DET shared awareness on social media sites and also gave some tips to create a good social media profile.

Parle is the most famous brand for various snack, Parle G biscuit being one of them. LLPians got an opportunity to observe the production and manufacturing ways of Parle G biscuits in Parle G industry, Hubli. Back in Deshpande Foundation,LLPians had a session with Dr. Shivanand (Psychiatrist from KIMS Hubli) who told about ways of maintaining strong mental health in this most hectic world. Having strong mental health, efficient self confidence and proper mindset are the basic necessities of today’s world. He shared tips and importance of these aspects. Team building is one of the important contents of LEADERship qualities. Ms. Anisha Cardoza conducted activities on team building where everyone understood the necessity of a team.    

This first batch of LLP was very lucky. Why? This batch got an opportunity to be part of sapling the plants at Nrupatugna hill, Hubli and at Deshpande Education Trust on the occasion of “World Environment Day” to have clean and green environment. A LLP batch without a session with one more person would always be incomplete and the person is none other than, Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla (Director, LEAD and Ek Soch Sandbox). He interacted with LLPians through a video call and discussed the LLP journey and also spoke about LEADership aspects. Indeed the technology is helping to get the world closer. When the technology is taking over for development of the country at the same time, India still is famous for village culture. Students should have knowledge about our nation’s basic culture and to acquire that LLPians were sent to a village near by hubli. They played a few traditional games in the beginning and then they were asked to stay and be part of their lives by helping the villagers in their daily chores. After having the experience of rural activities for a night, next day morning everyone gathered to spread awareness for education children. Depending on this concept, LLPians conducted a rally in the same village.

Well, it was the end of the most exciting camp of a year. Every beautiful event has an end but in its own awesome way. LLPians were going to get graduate on this tenth day of the camp where they got their certificates in the presence of Mr. Narasimha Naik (Executive CEO) and Mr. Abhinandan Kavale (Senior Program Manager). Few LLPians shared their journey experience with the honorable guests for the graduation ceremony. After some cultural performances and entertainment this camp was ended in a very sweetest way possible, that is by cutting cake. LEADers who joined the camp as LLPians on the first day were going out as a family with many memorable moments and learnings.

At the end, Mr. Swaroop says that, “It is not the end of a camp but a new beginning of a new journey”.


Isn’t this 10 days camp exciting? What are you waiting for?

Be part of the camp by applying for the next batch of LEAD LEADership Program 2019.


Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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