LEAD Prayana

LEAD Ek Soch Prayana 2019- Day 09


Every second one or other person is in need of something. We all know that the requirements are more and the resources are very less. And when the requirements are at the peak such as any natural disaster there are no enough sources. This issue was addressed by one of the foundations in India, where Prayanees of LEAD Ek Soch Prayana had a chance to visit.

After the early morning experiences of yoga and exercise on 9th day of Prayana, Payanees boarded bus to explore the “Goonj Foundation” which works for the needy people. Very less people knew about the foundation so they all were excited to see the work done by them. Prayanees were divided into group of 15 to see how the foundation works and what kind of contribution they give to the society. In this exposure visit Prayanees understood that Goonj is a foundation which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in 23 states across India.

Goonj focuses on one of the basic needs of human being, Clothes, which is still unaddressed in many parts of India. As for this reason Goonj has an unique way to solve this issue. Prayanees had a workshop where they understood the process of bifurcation of cloths as per the needs. In this workshop cloths are separated on the basis of who can use them and if they are in condition to be used. They prepare clothes for men, women, children, school uniform for students and wedding wear. They also make sanitary napkins so that women can use them in affordable cost.

Prayanees were amused to see the change in clothes we usually think are waste and throw away. They prepare a kit in which they pack enough clothes for family members which also involves shoes, toys and school uniform for school. Though providing clothes to unprivileged people is the main motto they are not just confined to it they spread awareness about women hygiene by giving them sanitary napkins to take care of women health. These sanitary napkins are provided in the foundation itself. As it is said, things which are given for free are valued less and can make people lazy, Goonj Foundation not only provide these kits to unprivileged people but they make everyone work in one or other way. This foundation work for the people who does good for the society and who deserves to be helped.

Written By: Sadaf

Edited By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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