LEAD Prayana

LEAD Ek Soch Prayana 2019 – Day 07


The 7th day started by listening to continuous chanting of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” and everyone was greeting “Radhe Radhe” to each other. Yes, Prayanees had reached one of the famous spiritual cities of India, Vrindavan. It is also one of the important place of pilgrimage for devotees of the Lord Krishna.

The first place Prayanees visited was the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir which one of the best holy place in the country. Mr. Satyavrat Dasa, The head of Process and Planning welcomed all Prayanees and explained the history and other details about the temple. He also shared the future plans for the temple. He spoke about Akshay Patra Foundation which distributes food to schools. Prayanees asked him the questions related life, spirituality and philosophy which he answered and the day continued by visiting Akshay Patra.

Akshay Patra Foundation as you can guess it from the name that Akshay Patra refers to a vessel which serves unlimited food to the needy people. This is exactly what this Foundation does. They are serving millions of school in their mid day meals schemes with the collaboration from the respective state government. All the Prayanees got the chance to visit the Akshay Patra kitchen and experience the actual method of preparing and processing the food. Prayanees took a lunch break after the kitchen visit and savored their taste buds with the most delectable lunch prepared and served buy the Akshay Patra Foundation. This is very interesting that Akshay Patra serve one of the yummiest and hygienic food in the whole India and with no use of garlic and onions to it.

The day continued by visiting “Ma Dham” – an Old age home which a home for many women who are far away from their family and loved ones. LEAD Prayana is not only about meeting great models and attending sessions it also about knowing life ethics and getting moral education. In the old age home Prayanees served food to all women there and spent an hour with them. Prayanees danced with them and enjoyed with all women present there. All the women present there could forget their pain because of the time spent with them. They asked all Prayanees to visit them next year. After such an emotional roller coaster Prayanees visited Yamuna River.

Everyone was disappointed to see the garbage and dirt all over the ghats. It was something Prayanees could not tolerate so they started cleaning the place. In an hour Prayanees cleaned ghats and the impact was very good. Because of the work done by Prayanees people in the locality thanked all Prayanees. Prayanees told them to keep the ghat and river clean as it is a matter of cleanliness and it is also one of the historical river in the India. Prayanees could not bid a good bye to krishna’s nagari, vrindavan, without meeting Krishna’s cows and calves. Prayanees visited gaushala after coming from Yamuna Bank where they fed the cows.

A single day at Vrindavan taught them many diverse values. This whole chapter at vrindavan taught Prayanees to respect everything, whether they are parents,  pets, nature and even food!

Written By: Ankita Singh And Sadaf

Edited by: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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