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LEAD Ek Soch Prayana 2019 – Day 04, Day 05 and Day 6


The fourth day of LEAD Ek Soch Prayana started at the huge campus of IIT Kanpur, one of the prestigious colleges of India. By keeping a pace with “Exercise in the morning before your brain figures what you are doing” every Prayanee performed Yoga and meditation. A good session of power exercise requires a healthy diet and Prayanees satisfied this requirement with the yummiest breakfast served there at the IIT Kanpur campus.

Mr. Abhay Krandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur welcomed Prayanees to the magnificent campus. He spoke about the huge prospects in Telecommunication Industries. He also kept his views on the topics such as IPRs Connections, Mobile radiations and UV Rays. Along with the technical things he spoke about his college life in IIT Kanour and also shared his travelling experiences to excite Prayanees about the coming journey. The second guest for the day was Dr. B. V. Phani, mechanical engineer, IIT Calcutta. Dr. Phani has a PhD in finance and holds a position of finance innovator and entrepreneurship in the department of Industrial management and engineering. He is an alumni of the great IIT Kanpur. In his session he spoke about the opportunities which were available in the industry.

“ Theatrical knowledge is of no use unless you don’t experiences it practically.

In order to make this quote useful Prayanees did a visit to flight Laboratory at IIT Kanpur. Flight laboratory is one of the attractions of IIT Kanpur. Flight laboratory in IIT Kanpur is a place where Prayanees got the opportunity to collect and analyse and evaluate performances of the various aircraft. Visiting a aircraft laboratory was an unexpected but huge experience for Prayanees. SIDBI innovation and incubation center (SIIC) was the next destination for the day. The center was the most suitable place to all those brains in Prayana who wanted to start a business and to work on their ideas. The Prayanees got a golden opportunity to interact and to build networking with the innovation and business minds available there. The visit in IIT Kanpur was the most memorable for the Prayanees.   

Written By: Ankita Singh

Edited By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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