LEAD Prayana

LEAD Ek Soch Prayana 2019 – Day 03


After 7 hours of journey from Varanasi Prayanees reached their next destination to spend the last night of year 2018 at 8 o’clock in the night. The destination had no sign of city amenities and it was dark all around but the rest of the night was going to bring brightness in every Prayanees’ life in Chandwara village. All the village people welcomed Prayanees to the village. As a surprise they had arranged a New year party for Prayanees with music, dance, bonfire, appetizing meal and magnificent crowd. Prayanees danced their heart out with every person present their. After having delicious food everyone welcomed the year 2019.

Prayanees started their first day of year 2019 was celebrated at Chandwara, a village which has a history of development and growth. That morning everyone woke up with an enthusiasm to do something impact in the village. The village was already ahead of its own time Prayanees had to do a bit to return back something for hosting them in their homes. Prayanees had a delicious breakfast where they grabbed a plate of all traditional dishes like baatichokha, apple Jalebi, cutlets of their village.The day continued by exploring the village to contribute in the developing it.  

Prayanees had a eye on road which could have been used by villagers for the transportation but was not in proper condition. Prayanees made a human chain to pass on the bricks and other materials. Everyone played a huge role in this act and as a result in an hour they could create a “Streetroad”. The next visit in the village was in school and Madarasa of village where Prayanees told everyone the aspects of traditional New Year. And the visit continued by witnessing a spectacular park of the village which was very huge and surprisingly clean. Prayanees wanted to make things better and with the help of creative minds among themselves they painted the blank walls with graffiti and quotes. The park with creative walls did look more attractive.

After visiting the village Prayanees had an interaction session with Mrs. Prakashini Jaiswal, the name behind this growth development with Mr. Rituraj Jaiswal. Both of them shared all the problems they have faced in the developing the village and they also shared the future plans of developing village. They also told all the work they have done to achieve this milestone of getting an award by Prime Minister himself.

Strolling through mustard fields, shouting loud ‘Aawaz Do, Hum Ek Hai’ Prayanees returned back to respective host’s houses. Prayanees gave a token of love to our ‘Host’ and received so many memories from them! Prayanees bid all of the villagers a farewell with the promise to visit them again, Prayanees accelerate their way towards their next destination, that is IIT KANPUR.

Written By: Ankita Singh

Edited By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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