LEAD Prayana

LEAD Ek Soch Prayana 2019 – Day 01 and Day 02


The most awaited moment for 60 people was here. These 60 people, who were selected from hundreds of applications and who wil be known as LEAD Prayanees 2019 for the rest of their lives. The secret of LEADership jounreny started on 30th December 2018 in Varanasi where around 60 college youth from various cities of India came together to explore their hidden potential. All 60 Prayanees were ready to begin the journey which was full of knowledge and experince and ideas.

The first destination for the first day was the temple in the Varanasi city which is not just a holy place but one of the ancient temples in India. To reveal the secrets of the temple Dr. Subhash Chandra Yadav, Regional Archaelogist, UP state Govt. Archaeological Department shared the information about the differnet structures of the buildings in the Varanasi city. He told Prayanees the historical stories of Varanasi such as transformational story of Banaras from Varanasi. When he was speaking about the history of Varansi he shared his knowledge of origin of “Ganga” and all the ghats of Varanasi and also about the oldest monuments in Varanasi.

Varanasi is not only famous for the historical strucutres and river and ghats but IIT BHU is one of attraction point in Varanasi. Exploring Varanasi in LEAD Prayana wihtout visiting IIT BHU would have been incomplete. Prayanees met Dr. Mishra, Professor of Chemical Engineering, IIT BHU whose major contibution includes the establishment and running the Technology Incubation Center which provides  a great helping hand to all the budding entrepreneurs of the country. He also shared his personal life lessons and learnings with Prayanees. His session made every Prayanee believe that “With True Passion and Hardwork one can achieve all kind of goals.”

Children and schools always make everyone believe in innocence. Students of Madhopur School were waiting with hope and happiness where all villagers were standing with handful of garlands and flowers to welcome Prayanees to the village. The primary school at Madhopur has been beautified and enhanced by LEADers . LEADers have educated people in the village about banking facilities and importance of education. All these efforts of LEADers have made this village to come on the path of development of success. After the visit to village Prayanees went to the foundation, Kiran Society which makes an effort to empower specially abled ones. This effort is to provide basic needs and facilities to specially abled ones. Mr. Satish, Director, Kiran society , welcomed all the 60+ prayanees in there vivid  campus. He introduced showed varieties of tools and equipments which are being used in teachings and learning of the kids there.

After visitng all the places in varanasi in the first day of journey Prayanees visited Sultankeswar temple which is valued as the centre of shool tankeshwar ling, which has religious values. The prayanees ended their first day at the visit of this highly valued temple. They also had their hands on one of the popular delicacy of UP, that is baati chokha. With the zeal to overcome new challenges to unleash their potential for the new opportunities, prayanees took a break for the night.

The second day of Prayan began with new hopes and energy. With the chants of ‘Har Har Mahadev’ and a Ganga maiyaa ki Jai, the Prayanees made to Vishwanath Temple located at the BHU Campus. The vivid beauty welcomed all the prayanees! Prayanees took blessings from temple and we kicked off our journey, to the next destination, that is Barabanki. That was seven hours journey to Barabanki which included various fun and enrichment activities like group discussions and other activities.

Written By: Ankita Singh

Edited By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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