LEAD Chikodi Valedictory 2016

LEAD Chikodi marked a momentous day as LEAD 8 came to a close and the year’s accomplishments were celebrated with the theme of “Recognizing the Unrecognized”. On 15th April 2016, LEAD Chikodi celebrated its Valedictory in collaboration with VSMIT Nipani.The guests of honour, Mr. B A Pujari (Principal KLE’s C B Kore Polytechnic College Chikodi), Mr. Abhinandan K (LEAD Team Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi), and Dr. U S Hampanavar (Principal, VSMIT, Nipani) presided over the event.


The event was attended by more than 150 LEADers, students, and faculty who witnessed this celebratory and informative event. The students from the different locations of Chikodi, Nipani, Raibag, and Nidsoshi took part in the event.

Many LEAD students were awarded with Best LEADer and Best Project awards. Asma, Saleem, Darshan, Archana & Deepak were awarded for their initiatives taken in different fields. Several other LEADers were also celebrated for their projects that have made an impact.

Sandesh J from Raibag Polytechnic College was awarded Best LEADer for his work with LEAD over the last 2 years. Sandesh grew from a shy student to a leader, and has done projects in many different fields. You can read his My Story by clicking here.

Accolades were also presented for Best Supporting Faculty and Best Supporting College. Mr. Rakesh G. was awarded Best Supporting Faculty, VSMIT Nipani & C B Kore Polytechnic won Best Supporting College, and Smt. A A Patil’s Women’s College won Best Team Award. You can read about the Toilets for All project, conducted by the team from winning college Smt. A A Patil’s Women College, by clicking here.

Valedictory is also the mark to start preparing for the coming year. Three LEADers were promoted to LEAD Ambassador, the highest LEADer level and a great accomplishment, and 8 LEADers were promoted to Master LEADer in order to start their journey in promoting LEAD throughout their colleges and helping to unleash the leadership potential in those students around them.

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