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Have you ever thought about the career guidance? Well! I think majority of students do not consider career guidance a significant issue. Hence, they have no or very little realization about the importance of career guidance. As a matter of fact, career guidance is a very important aspect of your life. In fact, it can make or break your career. The best part of career guidance is that it is very objective as well as strategic.

On basing the student mentality, our LEADers from Various colleges of Nizamabad decided to collaborate to get guidance from the Nirmaan Organization to make the students choose their career in right direction.  The team was headed by LEADer Nithyasri from Nishitha Degree College. The team was divided into 3 groups so as to perform their tasks perfectly. LEADers in groups visit Government schools to make the students get aware of many opportunities in their future life. The only reason they have started is that many students don’t even know what to do in their future. It has been carried out with the team of 10 members.

The LEADers collaboration brought a greater impact in the students’ minds.  They first conduct the pre-questionnaire to know the student mindset. Later, they start explaining about the opportunities and scholarships related which they can grab at the stage. LEADers put their efforts and hardwork in the project and made the project successful. The team reached about up to 900 students and the project got selected to LEAD Summit, where the students get recognized. The team put their efforts and hard work in the project for bringing a change .

Written by: Nithyasri Chiluka

Email ID: nithyasrichiluka1999@gmail.com

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