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Knowledge Bound


Leader: Keerti S Hegde

Members: Pavana Hegde ,Asha Hegde , Krishnamurti Hegde

Place: MES College, Sirsi.

College: MES College

Date: 15th November 2010

Keerti and her team believe that a good book is worth more than a thousand spoken words. They decided to restore the books from their college library and give new life to old books. Firstly, the team had to get permission from the college authorities to restore the books, and the college agreed to their proposal. The team then set out to find a book binder, who would not just complete the task on time but finish it without damaging the book.

The team contacted Gajanan Printers, Sirsi to help them bind the books. After the restoration of about 150 books was complete, the team held a book exhibition for the students. The books exhibited included books on culture and society, some of which were also reference books. Funding of the project was Rs. 1000 from LEAD and Rs. 1878 from the college.

When asked how it feels, Keerti said, “books are a source of knowledge. This project gave me a platform to showcase this. I know that the project is long term and will serve many students in the years to come. Many students use these books regularly, which is very satisfying to see.”

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