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A journey that unleashes our potential: Lead Prayana


Hum yek Baar jeethe Hain, yek Baar marte Hain, aur sunhere pal bhi yek hi baar jeethe Hain. But I feel I am blessed. I got an opportunity to live the blissful journey of Lead Prayana for two years. Not just as a prayanee but as a member of social media in 2016 and lead the team in 2017.

I was born in Jamshedpur, brought up in Jammu and Kashmir, Darjeeling. I am travel freek who likes packing bags and going around exploring what a beautiful land this country is. I have travelled around India except the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Lakshadweep. So, there was no point I could miss the journey of leadership. Because it’s not just about visiting places but about meeting people and getting inspired in every path of the journey.

I had the opportunity to be part of 2014 Prayana, but couldn’t make it in the last moment! Destiny has everything planned a in advance. My real chance came at the 2016 Prayana, where I was participant as well as social media Incharge!

It was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. I cancelled the seat and rebooked it by paying the penalty. I can’t imagine how much I would be missing if I hadn’t decided to rebook my tickets that day! 2016 Prayana was good. But I enjoyed 2017 prayana thoroughly with maximum prayanees. On board 2016 journey, I made some friends explored the destinations which only were on my mind (thanks to booklets and Wikipedia). I lived my dream in prayana.

Being a workaholic I would always give priority to SM posting and otherstuffs, resulting little attention towards sessions.Which made Co-organisers and Anisha Ma’am specifically angry!

IMG_20170130_210811 (1)My best memory associated with Lead Prayana is the day I took a session on BHIM app in Dharmasthala. For the very first time in my life did I address that big number. So, through prayana, I was educated, I shared what I know to few more. Lead is a journey of exploration. A saga full of life! It enriches ones soul, heart and mind.






Experience, inspiration, fun and excitement all rolled into one is prayana. To all those who aspire to push themselves a step forth, all those who want to see a better version of their self, prayana is the ultimate platform.


Those fourteen days lived in prayana is worth living. And something that cannot be missed!!

Written by: Arpan Satapathy

Email id:arpanhgt@gmail.com

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