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International Yoga Day 2018

Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul


What is yoga?
Yoga is union of physical, mental as well as spiritual practices and disciplines. The word yoga comes from a sanskrit word ‘YUJ’ which means to join or integrate. That implies yoga is about uniting body and soul thereby establishing harmony. It is an activity that increases flexibility, Strengthens your muscles and centers your thoughts. Yoga comprises of asanas(postures), focused concentration on specific body parts and pranayama(breathing techniques). These practices help to integrate body with mind and mind with soul.





How did yoga originate?

Yoga was initially practiced by the yogis. This discipline was passed on to their students. ‘Patanjali’, an Indian yogic sage wrote the yoga sutras, which include the principles, philosophy and practices of yoga. The buddhist played a prominent role in spreading the essence of yoga.

Importance and benefits of yoga.
Yoga helps in balanced development of mental, physical and spiritual aspects. It helps to attain equilibrium and harmony. It promotes self-healing. It helps to culture positivity. Yoga  plays a prominent role in stress management and also acts as a solution to many skin disorders . The asanas help one to build strength and flexibility. It enhances immunity and helps to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  It helps to build stronger concentration. The person restores himself by performing yoga and opens various senses.


International Yoga day (21st June)

During the june solstice, the north pole is tilted towards the sun, that is the sun begins to move from north to south. From yoga point of view the is the perfect time for meditation as it is a transition phase. Realizing the importance of yoga, Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi suggested that 21st of June, the longest day in northern hemisphere would be celebrated as the ‘International Yoga Day’. The first yoga day celebration was held at Raj Path in New Delhi. PM Modi and many other dignitaries performed 21 asanas and created two Guinness World Records. Then on every year this day is observed to spread awareness about benefits of practicing yoga. Every year the yoga day is celebrated with a central theme. This year the theme is ‘Yoga for peace’.



Objectives of International Yoga day
IYD makes people aware about the benefits of yoga and connect them to nature. This day aims to help people perform all the activities in a better way and thereby contribute to the development of the country. It hopes to spread peace and cultivated harmony among people. It reduces the rate of health challenging diseases in the world. Yoga is believed to organize a person’s thoughts. Therefore it makes people aware of what is rite and what is not.

Role of LEAD in promoting Yoga.


Students are sensitive and have a tender mindset. They often face diverse difficulties and undergo stress concerned with academics or framing their future. Amidst the challenge of creating a perfect balance between social life and many other aspects, they tend to have a disturbed mind. LEAD always works to make students better individuals. Therefore in order to help students fight these difficulties, LEAD engages Yoga sessions for its students. All the Prayanas and LEAD LEADership Programs have mandatory yoga early in the morning. This cleans their aura, Helps them build confidence and also work on their concentration.


Many students associated with LEAD take up initiatives to promote the importance of yoga. LEADer Vaishnavi H organized sessions and taught yoga to her college students. LEADer Bhavani and her teammates of Girraj government college from Nizamabad took up an initiative to give a proper awareness about yoga to government school students. LEADer Neelam from JCE, Belgaum taught yoga to government school students between 1st to 4th standard in Nanawadi, Belgaum to improve their health and give them some extracurricular exposure.


ddThis International Yoga day the LEAD team and students of Deshpande Educational Trust gathered at DET gurukul campus and celebrated the International Yoga Day. The session was presided by Mr. Vivek Pawar, Managing Trustee of DET and CEO Deshpande Foundation and  Mr. Ashok Patil – Class 1 Civil Contractor.  Mr. Vivek Pawar bears special interest in performing yoga and also in addressing students regarding the essence of yoga.



ral2The LEAD team and DET students also conducted a rally to spread the importance of yoga.They made pluck cards about how yoga is a way of life. The team discussed the role of yoga in well being of an individual.





Practice yoga to experience yourself,

To acquire the essence of life,

To be moved by this world,

To sink into luminous presence that is rite here!


Written by: Ritika Ganiger

Email id: ritikaganiger@gmail.com


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