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Innovative celebration of Children’s day in school.


IMG-20171203-WA0004 Children, the most innocent souls of the nature. Their every action brings happiness in life. They have the tendency to adapt every single thing which is told to them or done in front of them. Things which are given to them are reflected in their minds. As the time is changing everyone knows the amount of cruelty increased in the society. And those devil minds have not left children also. Bad things affects any person at very big extent. Then imagine the damage it can cause to the children! How much ever we try, its very hard to stop the things which harms children so the next step taken to be is to aware children and make them strong.

LEADer Sushama from VKM College with her team members, Manjeet Singh and Ritunbhara Kumari of B.H.U. celebrated childrens day in very innovative way at the Kendriya Vidyalaya, BHU of Varanasi. LEADers tried to spread awareness about child abusing incidents. They showed videos to students as the moving pictures always makes the best impact. To make them understand the wrong touches and also to teach them things to be done after such incidents happen, LEADers played aIMG-20171203-WA0003n act also. LEADers told students to speak freely about such bad incidents with any trustworthy elder person. Not only such incidents but if students feel any danger from people, they should share with parents without any fear. With all the family support students should know all the laws and regulations made by government. So LEADers Sushama and team informed students about child line help number, 1098. After the meaningful session with the students, it was time for fun. LEADers played musical activities and games with students for letting students enjoy their day.

To make children strong and to prepare them for any situation LEADers took this initiative. LEADers Sushama, Ritunbhara and Manjeet knows the importance of making children strong in any scenarios of life. They realize the necessity of spreading awareness to children. It was a great and new initiative taken by LEADers to celebrate Childrens day in school. Cheers to all the LEADers.

Written by: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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