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“Celebration of being Republic is always successful when we achieve something”- LEAD LPU CELL.

IMG_6118 (1)Education plays a important role in bringing the collective development of the country. An educated mind can be a responsible contributor to the various parts of the society from administration to politics. A huge amount of in human resource is losing it capacity just due to lack of proper formal education which in turn makes a the mind not just well educated but also well built and a well built mind has a major role to play in catalyzing the country’s developments.


Leader Himanshu from Lovely Professional University, Punjab understood this concept and took the initiative of SHIKSHA BANK which is basically a powerful yet a simple concept purely dedicated to enrich the lives of deserving students. The SHIKSHA BANK focused on making a successful career of students studying in Government Primary School of Madhopur village and Chiheru, Punjab. A common student has to overcome a lot of hurdles to attain a basic living hence the objective of Shiksha Bank is to promote Education among students without any hurdles and to create a trust based relationship with their teachers by working meticulously for their bright and success full future. Programs such as “PADHO PUNJAB PADHAO PUNJAB” and Sarpanch Samiti appreciated and contributed to fulfill the dreams of students in Siksha Bank and this made the project have greater reach and a good impact.


Siksha Bank always reaches out for other programs and initiatives with a only aim of empowering the common students and providing them with all the necessary tools to shape their o
wn future. Siksha Bank consist of stationary material replacing money which is monitored by the LPU LEAD CELL and the principal of the schools to ensure transparency. The Siksha Bank provides study resources to children when students do not have proper resources to read and write, this ensures every student is sufficient when it comes to their carrier and growth. Siksha bank is a medium to connect the dreams with reality, bridging this gap to give all the essential facilities to the deserving students. This project indirectly moulds today’s students into tomorrow’s responsible citizens.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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