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IMG-20180327-WA0024     Education is necessary and the most important element of life. To lead a better life education is the only solution. Though India is one of the developing countries in India some areas of India are still behind when it comes to education. Children don’t get proper education in rural areas and that leads to keep their talent behind the curtains. Mr. Madhav Mourya from Varanasi comes from a rural area who did not get proper education facilities because of several reasons. When he continued his further education Madhav understood the importance of basic education from schools. He did not want other children to suffer the way he had suffered. He saw children from villages wasting their school time and after school time in unnecessary things. And there was the idea of Siksha Bank.

LEADer Madhav visited several houses and also met sarpanch of his location and told them about this unique idea of siksha bank. At the first people did not support him thinking he is faking things up and doing this work for money. With all the difficulties LEADer Madhav  started the work in one room. He started teaching children for free. When parents understood the motto of free education they started sending their children to classes at the decided time. As the time passed number of children increased. Till some point LEADer Madhav was providing education for free but when number of students increased he had to arrange the time table according to their class standards hence he needed some basic things like electricity and fan and mat to sit. He got eligible funds from LEAD and he continued the project.IMG-20180327-WA0025

After a while LEADer Madhav came across one more problem and that was winter season. Because of the drop in temperature children stopped coming to classes as their parents could not provide them efficient clothes to fight the cold. LEADer Madhav came up with one more solution and he started collecting used but good clothes from people. He distributed these clothes to all the children and as a result classes started with more number of students. LEADer Madhav’s initiative was such impactful that he had to start second branch of Siksha Bank in another area. Madhav’s friends were inspired from his this initiative and they helped Madhav to start his second branch in Varanasi. LEADer Madhav is true example of a LEADer who doesn’t stop with hurdles but finds solution for every problem and continues the work.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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