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Are we Indians of 21st century are thoughtful ???


A small incident on why we human beings must be thoughtful, if not what happens.(Listened from a known spiritual Swamiji Dr.Tontadarya Swamiji, Gadag, while they were addressing a gathering at Dharwad, Karnataka)

India is a home to many social reformers. Here I am sharing a incident that took place with a social activist Irom Sharmila. This lady from Manipura was on hunger strike against Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act for 16 years without food, water etc, she used to have some liquid passed through nose. Question arises for what she was on hunger strike for so many years ? As we all knowIn 1958, the Indian government passed a law, the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 that applies to just the seven states and grants security forces the power to search properties without a warrant, and to arrest people, and to use deadly force if there is “reasonable suspicion” that a person is acting against the state. And many citizens were killed and one among them was National Bravery award winner Siman Chandramani. So this lady Sharmila decided to go on hunger strike without food, water until government repeal AFSPA. She was jailed for sitting on strike but government didn’t care and didn’t removed that act. Then she ended her hunger strikes in 2016, and was known as Iron Lady and she is the world’s longest hunger striker. She ended strike with the thought that as a social activist I am not able to convince government, so she decided to contest for elections and thought to bring a change as political activist. So she contested for elections (March 2017 elections). The tragedy is she got only 90 votes, the NOTA category had got 120 votes which is more than her votes.

So what you think about this ??? For whom she sacrificed her time and went for hunger strike ? Are we so shameless to make her loose election with soo much less votes. Are we thoughtful ? So is it proved that if someone want to work for improving society, will that person will be neglected ? I feel this is how shameless we are! Is Democracy has dead ?? If we citizens treat that social activists in such manner, then it’s proved that only corrupts, rich people can win elections. Our democracy has given rite to vote and elect a proper person as our LEADER. But what we are doing ???

If we won’t raise our voice or utilize our voting power to elect right person, then how development takes place. Government should have responded positively to er strike but it didn’t, because people were not interested. If we become aware and thoughtful, then government and government officials will be aware of their responsibilities.

We need to be thoughtful, our thoughts must be pure/divine/true/holy which can help ourselves and the society to move ahead in right direction.

Anyway hatts off to that Iron Lady, I support her and respect her for her scarifice and concern towards society.

Let’s be thoughtful and think a second before taking any decision and let’s be supporter to such social activists.



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