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In pursuit of serenity


You see the real heaven on earth, when you open the eyes of your soul. Beauty rests in nature and her creations.

She is serene in her existence. She takes us to tranquility. She is selfless. Pours in all one need to survive, without even being asked. She allows us to see the beauty which she is. She flows tremendously passing by the rocks and woods. She showers her love in the form of water droplets to nurture her little ones. She caress numerous creations of her own. She is a mother of anything and everything. Life without any of her creations is difficult to imagine, but a life without her is just…’impossible’. She is Mother Nature. She is divine.


If there is any heaven in earth, then in must be in these beautiful woods, falls, rivers, lakes and other things that forms the existence of nature. With the course of time, nature is depleting. Forest is getting deforested, pasture land is turning barren, lush green estates are turning into concrete structures, rivers are drying down and the places that once used to be huge lakes carry an entire city on it!!  What technology, advancement and science tought humans proved to be fatal to nature. She is at danger. In the verge of extinction. Her existence is at stake due to man’s never ending desires to expand his territory. All at the cost of ruining mother nature. A bunch of leaders from Hubli decided to pay back to nature. They decided to contribute their share of kindness back to nature for giving them all that they din’t even ask for.

Ms. Soumya Muttagi, from S B Arts and KCP Science college is the leader who took this initiative. She along with her freinds took up a project to beautify Unkal lake at Hubli  . The team went to the place for implementing their plan of action with all the necessary things. They cleaned the garden near the lake. Once the park was turned into a clean and green place that can be visited by people as and when they wished, they went to beautify the lake. They cleaned the surroundings of the lake. After that, they started painting on the walls covering the lake. Today warli designs rule the lakes surroundings. It welcomes more people towards it to savour the true beauty of the lake.


This change is massive. It has changed the way the park was treated. It has changed the perception about lakes beauty. Though leaders had to struggle with electricity problem and mosquito bites at night, their strong determination to bring a change in the way lake looked dint stop them. They accomplished the task successfully. They have set their mark towards social contribution.

Kudos to the leader for doing things for nature that does so much to us. Her act has evoked a sense of belongingness and responsibility. This project must flourish across the nation. Only then we can protect mother earth.

Remember, we have only one mother earth. We should protect her at the earliest. Because, nature once lost is lost forever!

Written by: Athmeeya Shetty

Email: athmeeyashetty1996@gmail.com

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