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I Just Saved a Life

Donors donating the Blood

Blood donation is the purest gift one can give to a needed soul. A gift that can save a life is more profound than any other gift. LEADers of KLE MSSCET, Belagavi initiated a life-saving event, blood donation. Leader Nilima along with 25 LEADers contributed in organising this event in collaboration with MAHESH BLOOD BANK. The event was organised at the worshipping place of Lord Ganesha, at Ashok Nagar, Belagavi.

To make an event successful and memorable, prior preparations are always mandatory. Two days before the event, LEADers conducted a survey in the area and ended up with good results. They distributed the pamphlets, created awareness about the blood donation, its importance and convinced people to contribute for this donation.

Blood donation
Donors clicked photo after the donation

7th October 2018, was a big day for LEADers to execute this event. LEADers gathered at the Ganesha temple, distributed the work that has to be done in small groups and worked accordingly. One of the groups prepared a decorative poster which stated a quote “I just saved a life”, which was used by the donor’s to take photo after donating and felt appreciated for their contribution. The other group cleaned the place and graciously welcomed the doctors of MAHESH BLOOD BANK. Later on, LEADers helped the doctors to set up all the requirements. Another group went to each and every house of the area once again to inform about the donation event.

Energy plays a vital role for all living beings in order to survive. A delicious breakfast was arranged for the LEADers, doctors and donors. LEADers served breakfast to everyone and the eligibility test for donating started. LEADers who were eligible were the first to initiate for the donation. As time passed, smooth chain of procedure of events was carried. LEADers extended warm welcome to all the donors, helped them to fill the forms, conducted eligibility test, took them to donation beds. After donating they offered glucose drink and made the donors rest for some while.

LEADers efficiently worked from 8 am to 2 pm, making the event successful with 35 counts of donors contributing to save 100 lives. LEADers then extended gratitude to the doctors with a flower to every doctor as a token of love and clicked some group photos of this memorable event. After the event, it was now the time to pack up. Helping the doctors to wind up with all the materials, LEADers also cleaned the place.

As ethics teach us, don’t waste food because some aren’t even blessed to get two meals a day. The breakfast that was arranged was still remaining and so as to not waste it, LEADers packed the food and went to Ashraya Foundation to donate the food.

The event was completely planned and executed by LEADers along with some interested members. LEADers learned many leadership qualities like teamwork, convincing techniques, the importance of prior planning, skills for group discussion, time management, patience and hard work required to organise and manage an event.

The team
The whole team behind the camp

Written By: Priyanka Kammar

Mail Id: priyankaykammar@gmail.com

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