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Humanity below the bridge!!


Got down from a share auto with my luggage at Hinjawadi bridge Pune, more than my luggage my heart was heavy because I was going back to my work place been here to meet my second half with whom my heart is tied up since 5 years , so as I went below the bridge as it was my pickup location for the bus I booked , I chosen a convenient place to stand below the over bridge kept my heavy luggage down but couldn’t keep my heavy heart down so I called her up , for a second I felt like god would made my these two days as Instagram boomerang so that I could experience those well spent moments again & again , yes there started conversations with my girl , also there started heavy rain , and I saw a guy trying to start his bike he was unable to because of some starting problem and his girl was worried about it , I was seeing at him along speaking to my girl for few minutes , and I couldn’t stop myself so told my girl about situation and told her Ill try to help them and call her back , I went to him asked is fuel is there ? He replied ya I said okay let me check and I checked with choke , then I removed spark plug and I understood it was ignition problem I asked for toolkit and fixed it and started his bike , he asked what was the problem ? I explained him what was problem and how even he can fix it., He asked was i mechanical engineer ?? I replied No I am computer science he gave a surprise look and he thanked me again and introduced himself and asked about my visit , After some time rain stopped and they both went by giving a smile, such smiles make me feel special all the time , the smile we get after helping some strangers , and they are no more remain strangers after that smile been exchanged , and i was still standing there waiting for my bus , Soon after a couple of mins a person aged around 60+ came with a big white carry bag he picked a pack of biscuits from it and opened it and he started putting biscuits for dogs over there , after that he started keeping bunch of biscuits on stones around the big pillar of bridge so that even some other dogs who come there later can eat them , his that act of kindness stole my heart and I went to him with a smile and asked , chacha you feed them daily ? He replied ha beta , I go home by this way daily , so its an habit for me to keep biscuits for them daily and he wasn’t economically fit he works in hotel as table cleaner. I just felt to hug him and I found him as live example for the famous quote by Gandhi ji Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny

Yes I realized what he did was not an act of kindness , kindness is no more in his act , it settled well in his thoughts , words , behavior and finally in habit.

I was feeling proud on myself that I helped the couple in starting bike , but that old man made me realize difference between act of kindness and habit of kindness, humanitexits but its under the bridge, yes except humanity everything goes on the bridge and humanity always remain below the bridge ,being unseen , unappreciated.

The one hour spent below the bridge gave me many mixed feelings , realizations. Every one of us have to bring humanity over the bridge , not just as an act but as a habit, I think than only we can consider ourselves as complete human.

I just pray to God to give long life to that old man and such kind souls all over the world.

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