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LEADer Chintala Sai Ganesh joined LEAD through his mentors from Nizamabad as he wanted to work on his skills and improve his personality.

These days robberies and thefts are occurring in every nook and corner of the city or town, whether it’s day or night, houses or banks. Robberies are occurring at a faster rate. We the people must ensure the safety and security of valuable things and our loved ones, security devices play an important role because it also acts as a piece of major evidence in a court of law to ensure justice for us and for our loved ones.

To avoid such security loopholes LEADer Chintala Sai Ganesh and his teammates from SSR Degree College, Nizamabad took an initiative which hoped to solve these issues. They named their project as ‘HOME SECURITY.’ It’s basically a device which is triggered whenever a stranger or robber tries to crack the lock and break the door, it gives a WARNING ALARM SIGNAL to the housekeeper or the house owner.

As they tried to overcome the negativity from some people towards their project work which was one the most difficult task for them. Many people, as well as his mentors, appreciated and supported a lot for his hard work and innovative idea to overcome a problem which is a global concern. He says now the problem is solved in his area and nearby neighborhood. He also said and I quote “LEADERSHIP is one of the quality we have to stand up and face either the good or bad consequences which comes along the way but not to wait for the other person to do something which never goes in vain and always pays off in the end”

His future plans are to start his own company and to work on more environmentally friendly projects to save mankind, to make the human world a more safe and secure place.

Written by: Pathan Roshan Khan                      

E-mail id: roshankhanpathan21@gmail.com   

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