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The High Jump of Success



“So what if your physically disabled, mental stability is all thats needed to succeed.”

Indian flag was hoisted up high with all glory on the Brazilian soil in the Rio Paralympics. The man behind this, the man who made the whole nation proud was none other than “Mariyappan Thangavelu.”




Mariyappan is a true example of focus, determination and hard work.

Athletics - Men's High Jump - T42 Final

Mariyappan was born in a poor family in Salem district of Tamil Nadu. His early life was full of obstacles. His father abandoned the family and went missing. It was his mother who raised him working as a vegetable seller, laborer and what not.

Mariyappan was not a born disabled. At the age of five, he was permanently disabled by a drunken bus driver who ran a bus over his right leg. It was a life changing incident. His life had become upside down, from an able-bodied guy to a disabled.But Mariyappan was a never give up kind of guy. Running away from problems was not in his blood. He made up his mind to live an amazing life in a disabled body. Mariyappan said, “Didn’t see me as different from able-bodied kids.” It was his Willpower that gave him the jinx to survive, the jinx to compete.


As a student, Mariyappan was fond of volleyball. But his P.E teacher encouraged him for the high jump.At the age of 14, he stood second in high jump competition among the able-bodied people. That was his first taste of success and then there was no turning back.In 2013, he was spotted by a famous Para-athletic coach who took Mariyappan as a student and gave him further training.


Then it was all winning ways for Mariyappan, he cleared the IPC Grand pix in Tunisia Qualifying to the Rio Olympics. And on 10th September 2016, he stunned the whole world by creating history, winning the first gold medal for India in the high jump. He made our country proud.

Mariyappan is not just an athlete, he is a BBM graduate and he also has to complete MBA. Not only has he had the thirst to win but also the thirst to gain knowledge.
He has also donated a part of his winning prize to a school near his native. This shows that apart from being a great sportsman, he is a great human being.This has been the transformation of Mariyappan Thangavelu from a poor disabled kid to not just a sportsman but an extraordinary human being.




Mariyappans life is truly an inspiring one for all us. His focus, determination, hard work and his never give up attitude is something that we should reflect upon.His life proves the fact that The really handicapped are those who do nothing in their life.

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