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LEADers helped the needy in Dharwad

Buidling Collapsed at Dharwad

19 March 2019 was malignant day in lives of the people of Dharwad. Dharwad is always a known for its peaceful environment. It is also called as the Vidhya Kashi of Karnataka. But on 19th march people were unaware of the horrifying situation which they would be facing. In the Kumareshwar Nagar a four Flore multiplex building collapsed which was under construction. The whole building fell to the ground in fraction of seconds. 100’s of people were stuck under the building debris and everything was shattered. As soon as the incident occurred all the neighboring people ran towards the place but nothing could be done by them. The local police came to the spot and started the rescue work. But that was not enough more than 2000 police, Fire Brigade team and a special rescue team called NDRF worked day and night for 5 days to rescue the people stuck under the building.

Distribution of food

There were few stores opened recently in the building were people were there as per routine and there was also a computer coaching center in which 50 students were believed to be stuck the police were supplying the water and oxygen to the people who were stuck inside. 16 people died and the team was successful in rescuing 62 members. This was a very horrifying incident and all the people of Dharwad were under the shock.

LEADers distributing food

As it’s rightly said that a kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. Our LEADers of Dharwad Akshay and team went to the place to serve for the people who were working day and night to rescue the people stuck under the building. They served food and water to the police and the rescue teams till 11.00 pm in the night.

LEADer Akshay C H from Dharwad joined LEAD through his senior and has done more than 8 projects. He says “It’s really a life time experience being part of this incident and contributing little what I could do for our society”. He also said that it was amazing to see the rescue team work so tirelessly without caring of eating and drinking. They were so dedicated that the LEADers went to them and served in place where they were working because they were reluctant to take a break. The students who were part of this project say that “After this project we are really proud to be a lead Member and do many more projects like this in future”. Hatts off  to these the Rescue team and the LEADers who helped them.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail ID: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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