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Health is wealth of every human.


Since many generations, it is said that health is a real wealth of every human. When our health is in good condition we can work hard to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. LEADer Shubham Kumar from Uttar Pradesh who was interested in social work from his childhood found LEAD as an opportunity to make his dream come true.


 He found many friends who motivated him to do something better for the society. He built up a strong team to take up an initiative. Once he was disturbed by the health condition of remote area people who were suffering from the diseases because of improper medical treatment. Shubham and his friends visited different villages around Varanasi like Tarapur, Tikri, and Mudadev where people like farmers, daily wage labourers, and other poor people cannot adopt proper health treatment and they were unaware about the government health facilities. 

Health condition of people was getting worse day by day. Shubham and his team took up and initiative of arranging “Health Camp”. In the health camp, they provided the health checkup for poor people and also gave health card for regular checkup. Shubham and team visited every house of the villages to know the health condition of every person. In return, people treated LEADers as their own children and few old age people spent time with LEADers sharing about their past stories, which made other villagers to attend the Health camp who were unwilling to attend and later blessed LEADers with their blessings.

Leader Shubham and team even conducted sessions on health and hygiene and a separate session for women on health and menstruation topic. LEADers have spent  more than 10 hours on that day in the health camp. Every smile on the villagers face kicked up the spirit of a leader to do more. Along with the health camp and sessions, LEADers spread awareness about pollution and distributed free medicine.

LEADer Shubham and his team were too happy to have reached beyond their target and expectations. LEADers reached more than 300 families which bought the count around 2000 people. LEADers Shubham said that it was a wonderful experience for him and he learned to manage team and empathetic thinking skills during this health camp and visit.

LEADer Shubham and team are in a plan to take up the initiative to the next level by conducting health camp in other villages of Varanasi with the collaboration of different hospital of the local region.

Written by : Swaroop Kotagi

Email ID : swaroopkotagi29@gmail.com

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