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Contribution to the innovative learning!!

          Education is almost one of the basic necessity these days but what about the real learning which is acquired from certain experiments?
            The LEADers of GIT College Belagavi took a thoughtful step to reach out to the kids of the government school and help them out with the innovative learning techniques.
              Every year the college hosts an event called ‘THE EXODUS’.As the result of excellent organization, the event earned a profit which would sum up to Rs40,000+.The students planned to spend this amount most effectively through their project ‘MAKE YOUR OWN LAB’.
              In this project, they called up the Agasthya foundation to conduct a workshop on basic science experiments to the juniors of the college.The workshop went up to 2 days successfully.The students of the college learned to make these models from the 4 resource people who had conducted this workshop.Soon they made 7 such science models which included generation of electricity, demonstration of sound in need of a medium to travel, propagation of light,mometum , etc.only Rs 3,400 was spent per set of models.

              They took these models to government schools, set up the science labs for them, conducted a workshop where these LEADers taught the kids.Such 5 government schools of Bbelagavi were privileged to have a science lab in their schools.
             With this initiative they reached out to 1000+ students.This was just a beginning and these LEADers have better plans coming up to improvise the learning and make it more fun. The excitement and urge to learn in the kids reflected in our LEADers to take up many more initiatives for them. 

Posted by: Ritika Ganiger
Email id: ritikaganiger@gmail.com

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