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Guidance for best career options.


Every student aims at a bright and successful career. During childhood will not be having much information about the career options available after 10th standard. On the other hand, we can find a few students who regret for choosing uninterested career, which make their life harder and messed up. To overcome all such hurdles regarding career confusion and lack of knowledge, LEader Nilima Jangam came up with an amazing initiative. 


10th standard is the most crucial stage of every student life. Right decision about choosing a best career for themselves will lead their life happily and they will be satisfied with their decision. When LEader Nilima was in 10th grade, she wasn’t exposed to career options available and the mode to pursue any career. This unserved thing in her life made her to think and implement her career guidance for school students which is one among her profound projects. 



She started her project in the year 2018 and continued for two years. LEader Priyanka joined her for her great initiative this year. They visited government schools in seven villages Kinaye, Piranwadi, Karle, Navage, Macche, Bhadarwadi, and Jankunde. There they conducted seminars for 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students. First, LEader Nilima explained about the importance of leading a better career in an individual’s life. They then conducted few activities and creative session to freshen the minds of students. After that, Nilima shared about the basics, importance, merits and demerits, process,the amount of smart work required, and how to choose a career relating to our passion. 




Students were happy and inspired a lot by her information shared. The session gave enough knowledge to the students to choose their career. Staff of all the schools were also happy and they appreciated their efforts. Career guidance is very important for a student to build their career. Every student should get access to guidance. LEader’s are eager to continue the same project for next year too.


Written by- Priyanka Kammar

Email ID – priyankaykammar@gmail.com

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