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Wishes enhance your happiness and glory. It makes you feel more enthusiast, gives you confidence and strength. Most of the times, wishes give you a ray of hope to overcome the hurdles in your life. An unique and amazing initiative is taken by Shrisiddhi Haldankar to spread joy to orphans during Daan Utsav.  She joined LEAD through orientation program a t KLS Shri Vasantrao Potdar Polytechnic College, Belagavi. Inspired by the stories shared by Akshata Ma’am, she took the initiative of her project of giving greeting cards to orphans.

Along with her LEAD peers, she prepared around 60 cards and then visited an orphanage. There, she and her friends spent time with the kids and wished them best wishes for the diwali festival by distributing the greeting cards.

Satisfaction is experienced when you donate without any expectation. LEADer Shrisiddhi shares  that she was most glorified by the prayers of those students in return for her and that’s the most blissful thing we get inreturn from others.

Small or big, inconvenience is always faced. LEADer Shrisiddhi  also faced a small difficulty in making more number of cards, but she well managed to complete it successfully. Overcoming this hurdle, she reached out around 62 kids in the orphanage.

During this great process, the leadership qualities she encountered were convincing people, team work and leading a team effectively. These qualities will be playing a role of ample importance in her life. We are proud of her initiative.

Written By: Priyanka Kammar

Mail Id: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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